Auto Insurance Advice : How to Find Good Auto Insurance

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Find a good auto insurance rate by speaking with a local agent to learn about insurance policies, personal finances and specific coverage options. Hear how an agent can find the best and cheapest auto insurance policies in this free video from a licensed insurance agent about automobile insurance information.

Expert: James Burrows
Bio: James Burrows owns the full-service insurance agency The Resurgence Group, which specializes in health insurance, property and casualty, annuities, life insurance, and auto insurance.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


Christopher Mercer says:

I found the results. if it costs Americans 300 Billion Dollars a year in
automobile related claims (theft and disaster etc.), then the costs of auto
insurance should be from $50.00 – 150.00 a month for everyone. That average
will be $100.00 a month. Multiply that by 250,000,000 vehicles will equal
$25,000,000,000 a month. 25 Billion a month x 12 mnths = 300 Billion a
year. Case Closed.

Christopher Mercer says:

insurance should be government. Why? Because when you have 250 million
vehicles on the road a month, total that up and multiply by $50 a month and
you have $12,500,000,000 a month. So far to my knowledge, i don’t think
that we are paying $12,500,000,000 a MONTH in automobile accident and
injury claims. We are paying too much for insurance when we are one of the
safest drivers in the world.

JETZcorp says:

@heartlessvietboy Yeah, government auto insurance is a great idea. “Okay
sir, we’ll take care of the damage done to your vehicle. You’ll just have
to head on over to your local DMV, wait in line for about six to eight
hours, fill out the appropriate forms, get back in line for another six to
eight hours (on another day, of course) and then submit the documents into
our system, and we should have the money to fix your car in about three
months. In your case it may cover up to 10% of damages!”

JETZcorp says:

@heartlessvietboy What does that have to do with anything? You think that
the cost is going to magically disappear just because you hand it off to
the government? They still need to get the money from somewhere, and that
means they’re either going to tax it from you, make you pay for it just
like you do now, or borrow it from China and tack it onto the
$40,000-per-person debt they’ve already racked up. There’s no such thing as
a free lunch.

freecarinsurancequot says:

The best way to save money in your auto insurance is by getting quotes from
several companies.

Christopher Mercer says:

250 Million People x $75.00/month = 18,750,000,000/month Case Closed.

Christopher Mercer says:

The Currency should be understood deeply.

Joe Smith says:

Insurance is a scam! I never had a ticket or accident and have to pay $220
per month? I can buy a Kia for $99 a month WTF?? Bad drivers should pay
more or stay off the road and good drivers should pay almost nothing since
we are not the cause of the accident. Anyone with less than 1 accident and
1 ticket every 3 years should pay super less!! What a SCAM!! – please refer
me a good company with low prices. How much do you pay for 1 or 2 cars?

Christopher Mercer says:

Well, if you do not have any accidents or tickets you should be paying
cheap insurance. Maybe we humans tend to be more good than bad. We should
start with an A not an F. Having to wait 30 years to pay cheap insurance is
a scam. When I was younger i believed that when i reached the age of 26,
and by driving good, i would pay cheap insurance. I too had to pay $250 a
month of auto insurance.


Great information James. All your videos are really informative. We offer
low price auto information. Check us out!

JETZcorp says:

@heartlessvietboy If you really want to see insurance prices double within
the next ten years, then that’s a good idea. But if you look at situations
where the government has taken partial or complete control over an
industry, you’ll see that the result is either an increase in the price, a
shortage in supply, or both. Their roads are over-crowded, their medicare
program is hugely over-budget, and the schools they run are losing quality,
even as budgets rise. They’re bad at providing stuff.

Shawn Afshar says:

anyone know any insurance companies with reasonable quotes for young

Joe Smith says:

@heartlessvietboy – Hell yeah I totally agree with you!!! Friggin Insurance
is a rip off!

Kingsley Chukwuebuka Chukwuma says:

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insurance. You can read it up here at

Christopher Mercer says:

Here is how it should be. 1. Geico Automobile insurance. Goverment. 2. AAA
automobile insurance. Government. 3. State Farm automobile insurance.
Government. 4. Farmers automobile insurance. Government.

Joe Smith says:

@heartlessvietboy You forgot to deduct the $250 to $1000 deductible that
the people have to pay out of our own pocket. it should be… Good
drivers… pay small amount BAD DRIVERS…. Pay most of the amount No good
driver should have to pay for a bad drivers irresponsibilities. Case closed.

JETZcorp says:

@heartlessvietboy That’s only part of it; expenses are rising far faster
than inflation in government-controlled services, even as quality
decreases. Contrast that to computers, which remain at roughly the same
prices as their power continues to rise exponentially. This is the standard
form of progress on the market, dead opposite to the model that describes
public goods and services. Tragedy of the commons, look it up.

Christopher Mercer says:

Its the Currency you idiot. 250 Million cars/people multiply by $50.00 a
month case closed.

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