Automobile Accident | Personal Injury Claims & Settlements against Allstate Insurance

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Allstate was the Darth Vader or evil empire of the insurance carriers until recently. In sports terms, it is like the New York Yankees to those who are not Yankee fans.

Several years ago Allstate was by far the most difficult insurance company to negotiate with in both Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. As a result, Portner & Shure litigated countless automobile accident cases against Allstate. Our experienced injury attorneys have established excellent working relationships with defense attorneys retained by Allstate and have obtained a continued pattern of excellent Judge and Jury results in Allstate accident claims in both Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland. Recently, we have seen fewer cases against this carrier in Maryland and Washington, D.C. go to trial and in fact settle without our experienced injury lawyers having to file a lawsuit. We think therefore that our past track record and reputation enables our current automobile accident clients with claims against Allstate to reep the benefit at settlement time.

Accident claims against Allstate insured drivers are unfortunately still bitterly contested in Virginia. The good news, however, is that Kevin Ruby has an excellent reputation with Allstate defense attorneys in Virginia and is obtaining fantastic injury awards verse Allstate on a frequent basis. As a result, we expect our future Virginia automobile accident clients with claims against Allstate to benefit from Kevin’s success and reputation.

Allstate was one of the first carriers to implement the Colossus Software in its negotiation process. In simple terms, it calculates claim values based on property damage, the nature of the injury, objective test findings and the track record of the attorney you hired.

Colossus in our understanding does look at the personal injury firm you chose to represent you for your automobile accident claim in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Our experienced personal injury lawyers try automobile accident cases in all three of these jurisdictions frequently against Allstate attorneys. Further, we have obtained Judge and Jury awards in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. for over eighteen years that have far exceeded the offers presented by Allstate to our injured accident clients prior to trial. Allstate is well aware of the success our experienced personal injury attorneys have had against its attorneys. We are confident therefore that we can obtain excellent settlement awards prior to trial in our Maryland accident claims, and in our Virginia personal injury claims, and our Washington, D.C. automobile accident claims. Allstate is aware of the potential unfavorable outcome if it tries a case against an experienced Portner & Shure injury lawyer. We believe our success is noted in this carriers Colossus System.
Allstate does not seem to offer lower settlement figures to automobile accident victims who speak only Spanish, Korean, Chinese, or Vietnamese. It does employ foreign language adjusters however who frequently attempt to get Spanish, Chinese, Korean, or Vietnamese automobile accident victims to settle without hiring an experienced Maryland accident attorney, Virginia personal injury lawyer, or Washington, D.C. automobile accident lawyer. This is a mistake and we urge all accident victims to consult with an experienced injury attorney before signing a release.


john smith says:

i got ran over by a car it was all my fult crossing the street i am a
person that is walking this is called a pedestrian can i still sue i got
hit by a car and heurt my back and nick and foot 1 can i sue and 2 what
would be the lowest amout of money i could get i went to the hospital by
ambulance i am going to physical therapy and i got the ticket from the
police department for citation i alwas thought a pedestrian alwas has the
right even being wroung jay walking ext.. thanks

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