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New app that gives you simple way to win or beat traffic ticket. Know Your RIGHTS!!!!

Cases of police misconduct happen often in today’s world. Current events in the news media also show a rising trend in police abuse of power. With modern smart phone technology, it doesn’t have to go ignored.

The Supreme Court has made it illegal for police to search or go through a person’s phone without a warrant.

So we made Testify.

Testify was developed by defense lawyers to protect and empower individuals during police stops. Testify puts an evidence gathering tool in the palm of your hand.

What does Testify do?
Testify turns your phone into a witness during any incident.

How does Testify work?
Testify uses your phone’s force sensor and microphone to gather evidence while speaking with law enforcement. Simply touch the “Start Witness” button and Testify has you covered.

Any evidence gathered is also sent to your Testify cloud account for later download. These files can be reviewed by your lawyer used in court.

Testify also helps protect by telling you what to say during common police scenarios, such as:

* Routine traffic stop
* Arrests
* Police questioning
* Cannabis/narcotics possession
* Any other incident where a reliable witness is not present. Such as an auto accident where statements are made.

Testify will automatically send the file after 30 minutes once the App is triggered.

No need for the user to fumble through the phone and take additional steps to preserve the evidence.

** Please understand that the secondary evidence password created is intended for the user and their attorney ONLY!!! Send this information to an attorney through protected privileged communications.

Why is Testify valuable?
The evidence files saved by Testify act as an honest account of a police incident. If the officer is deceptive in asking questions, overly aggressive, or doesn’t conduct the stop/arrest in the utmost of legal proceeding, Testify can prove it.

Considering the legal cost of fighting charges, Testify provides you with your own evidence that may potentially get charges dropped. And that’s invaluable.

How much is it?
Testify acts as a subscription service for storing evidence files online, should you need them later in court.

For the first 250 downloads,
a year subscription to Testify’s evidence cloud is only $4.99. That’s 75% off the normal yearly price.

Protect yourself with Testify.

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Reza Khanjan says:

Our practice is limited to criminal defense in California. I can tell you
in California the DMV is an administrative agency and the government
affords them a great amount of autority and latitude when it comes to the
privilige of driving. your story does not surprise me unfortunately.

Reza Khanjan says:

You should consult with an attorney that handle DMV appeals within your
jurisdiction. Good luck,

mikeyd19841 says:

i was driving my dads truck in 2009 and a cop stopped me for no reason
because of the area i was in and when he ran the trucks info the insurance
came up lapsed but the insurance card was still good and it was not my car!
By the looks of it all everything looked fine and I cannot tell that the
insurance is lapsed so i did all i can as a driver of another persons
vehicle! When i went to court the judge understood and ade me pay only 100$
as a fine and that is it! I wasnt notified in court that my license would
be revoked and i owed the NYS DMV 750$ for driving withno insurance and
they never sent me proper paperwork notifying me of the revocation and it
took them 8 months to actually revoke it in the system! It seems like the
DMV is extorting me! What do you think of the situation? 

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