Dont Speak to Insurance Adjuster After an Orlando Accident

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Close Many accident victims believe that they must speak to the insurance adjuster following an Orlando accident. That is simply not the case.
As a matter of fact, an adjuster for the other person’s insurance company has absolutely no legal ability to compel you to speak with him or her. In fact, you shouldn’t speak with the adjuster until you have spoken to your own Orlando accident attorney and your own insurer.
It is important that you discuss the details of your accident with the lawyer. He or she needs to understand your version of the accident, how the accident occurred and details as to why the accident was not your fault.
Keep in mind that the other insurance adjuster has his or her employer’s best interest in mind. Don’t speak with that adjuster, even if you think you will never bring a case or claim against the insurance company.
You should also avoid speaking to your own insurance company until you have spoken to an accident attorney. Your own carrier may try to get you to admit you were not hurt as badly as you were. They understand that your injury symptoms may not show themselves or manifest right away.
Don’t fall prey to the tactics that insurance companies will use against you. Protect yourself by speaking to an accident attorney.
Contact Mr. Gibson today at 888-465-1577 for a free case evaluation. You should also order the free book, Your Complete Guide to Florida Accident Claims.


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