12 Tips on How To Get Cheap Car Insurance

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For more information on how to get cheap car insurance from top carriers like Geico, Progressive and more get your free quotes at https://freemovinghelp.org/app/auto-ins.html. Once you have gotten about 3-5 quotes, write them down.

Then, you can start calling different auto insurance companies and tell them what the competition has quoted you. This can be a great way to get a cheaper auto insurance rate.

*PS. the number in the video above has been disconnected as it is a bit old may be being used for something else, wanted to let you all know, the link above using the car insurance tips above should get you fast results.


Adriana Krstev says:

I got my great car insurance after I compare to some companys. The greatest
is my car insurance is the cheapest insurance with excellent service. This
call info may help you 866-327-3631

piggybooboo says:

Thanks for the tips. I will so be passing this video on to my sister who is
shopping for coverage right now.

coolsoup12 says:

Excellent video. The deductible rewards are terrific.

Max Turbin says:

Save money on my car insurance. Heck yeah! Great vid and ten tips all in

Lori Parks says:

thats great for a struggling student, thanks for the video.

umma034258 says:

i like tip #1. it talked about safe driving which i think is the most

lovecross1 says:

I like the info for a student needing affordable car insurance.

Anna Cintron says:

a i love it you don’t have to wait to switch auto insurance and save money
with all state

vhyanthony says:

Very more informative. I like allstate myself.

rkharney1 says:

I am ready to switch to Allstate now! I have been looking for a new
insurance company for some time. I hope it is way cheaper for me than my
current company.

kenbark90 says:

It is awesome that i can save money on my insurance as a student by just
getting good grades! Thanks for the great tips!

dee4freeandtea says:

Great video. I like the fact that you can save 10 % with multiple policies.

MichaelBartes says:

good video, have got something new from it

ReyBerry says:

Deductible rewards was a good one.

Zan Render says:

I like Allstate bundling insurance tip. Just wondering what will be the
discount on this type of a deal?

harney47 says:

This is great for me. I actually had no idea the different kinds of
discounts available. Thanks a ton!

Justym says:

the chalkboard background was my favorite. the talking was quite boring,
but at least it had good info.

SpiceGuy33 says:

I love the point 3 on the Good Student and good grades.

willandhiskitty says:

Not to mention the Mayhem ads are the best insurance ads of all time. I
switched over to Allstate and have no complaints. I save about 10%. I like
the way my deductible will go down over time. I wish other companies did

TattooMommyOf2 says:

great video, loved all the great info, Very useful.

Jas Renee' says:

It’s nice that you don’t have to wait for your current policy to expire
before you sign up for this service.

matthgaid says:

wow this video is actually great i really loved the concept of it so much.
the tops are just amazing!

nickolasleger1 says:

i think more should become more educated on Car insurance. i don’t feel
like we know enough about it. nice video

Nikhil Boorla says:

awesome video..

Stephanie Pacut says:

awesome, cool options to use to save money.

James Cruz says:

The words ‘cheap insurance’ is really attractive. For us youngsters it is
necessary that we are aware of all possible Insurance options, and such
guidelines on cheap insurance can be really beneficial.

Friendly Universe Radio says:

I like the idea of lower deductibles over time with good driving record.

Lyrikassassinz says:

great video, love the early signing policy

sojo012 says:

so many discount opportunities! that helps a lot!

thatoneguyhmm says:

Very informative video! I loved the details shared here. I got a better
understanding on things now! I liked that the phone number appears all the
way through the video! :)

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