A Struggling Student’s Guide to Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

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So, you’re off to college! Congratulations. You may find that your new responsibilities and the expectations others have of you can be overwhelming if this is the first time you’ve been on your own. It’s important for your future that you concentrate on your education and not worry about shopping multiple channels for cheap auto insurance quotes. Here are a few pointers to make at least that part of your new life a little less difficult.

Cheap auto insurance quotes and cheap auto insurance policies depend on many factors. The cheap auto insurance quotes you get will be based upon not only your state’s minimum liability requirements, but also your age, your driving record, the number of miles you drive each year and the kind of car you drive. All of these things are calculated to determine the higher or lower risk of probability that you will have an accident and how often. The more likely you are to have a claim, the more difficult it will be to find cheap auto insurance quotes.

As a student, you have several things working against you from the beginning including your age and, probably, the fact that you live among others with questionable driving experience. It is critical, then that you keep your driving record clean, your grades up, and your bills paid. These steps will allow a more favorable rating when the software systems are working out the algorithms for cheap auto insurance quotes because they calculate that you are a more responsible person.

Other things you can do to obtain cheap auto insurance quotes:

Drive a plain car — A non-sporty car, which costs little to repair or replace; that will make a big difference on cheap auto insurance quotes.
Park off-street. This discourages car thieves, vandals and hit and run accidents.
Walk or bicycle when you can. The number of miles you drive matter a great deal when it comes to cheap auto insurance quotes in those states that track your mileage.
Ask about special student discounts and programs to help you save and find cheap auto insurance quotes.
Pay up-front if you can. When you have your cheap auto insurance quotes in-hand and have picked a policy, pay it all at once. This saves you finance charges, monthly installment fees, and sometimes will give you a bigger discount.

Finally, a few words to the wise: Don’t allow your friends or roommates to borrow your car and jeep your car-keys with you at all times. Your friends may not be covered in an accident, and could leave you exposed to liability if they damage someone’s property or cause injuries.


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