Auto Insurance

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Luke’s real life auto insurance quote came back at 303 dollars a month. Luke got pissed… and put his new webcam to use.
(Like all of our stuff, it’s scripted.)


Andman8210 says:

awesome vid lololololololololololol

MrDX1118 says:

Fucking insurance, I have to pay a crazy amount per month because some
idiot might smash into me, and even in that unlikely event the insurance
companies would make up some kind of bullshit excuse to deny my claim.

Schecter Player says:

this video is fucking gold

Márk Bérces says:

Genius! XD

InsuranceFun7 says:
John Butts says:

Car insurance is a big scam. The politicians are in bed with insurance
companies. They decide how much they will steal from the public.
Insurance shouldn’t be for profit. Since insurance is a law then a non
profit government entity should be a trustee in the management of people
collective funds to cover everyone in event of claims. This is how it
should work, people pooling their money to cover each other. If I can only
drive one car at a time and only have myself as the driver why do I have to
pay double for both cars? Don’t give me that driving is a privilege
bullshit. Without transport the economy would collapse. Its impossible
for everyone to live walking distance from work. And the government wont
provide transportation for its citizens. We HAVE to drive, or starve.
Since no one could say someones lively hood is a privilege they cant say
driving is a privilege when its required for that lively hood. Plus
insurance isn’t required by law to pay out! They can invent company
polices to deny claims at a whim. And if you think there are laws forcing
them to pay a claim, remember who wrote the laws, the insurance companies.

Gyomi Nananana says:

1:40 lmao omg i love the guy on the phone… his sigh was so “Ugh”

Scott Ferguson says:

I just love this totally funmy

Christopher Dunne says:
CacheRAM says:

Auto insurance is one of the hugest scams ever perpetrated on the American

miz12ful says:

e-insurance suck, they don’t honor the deductible. for windshield
replacement they want additional money on top of deductible.what point of
the deductible for then? RAT FACE yes you e insurance

Aaron Prohaska says:

I doubt it is a real call but still pretty darn funny:

Auto Insurance

Brian Shoff says:

Very nice.

Bluepengie says:

I thought you sent out boxes of… “Driving talent” to everyone who turns

aisufh says:

Nice. I have that same light switch cover.

Scjunkie67 says:


ih8momjokes1 says:

Scripted but amazingly well voice acted

ThirtySix says:


Gregorius LaFayette says:

wow, i just came back to this video after 8 months apparently and just saw
that i had top comment!

lesiegelad says:

Is this real lol? Cuz if it’s real it’s like the best trolling ever:p

ValcanGaming says:

I got quoted £8,000 for a year :/

stellarxphase says:

False, people in general are crap drivers

Виктор Стоев says:

303$ a month for a insurance? wow man, that is the average salary in my

dbcdew1224 says:

I liked for Tim. Not hanging up on that is good customer service


Insurance is a huuuuuuge rip-off. i dont see why more people aren’t against

DoctorObviously says:

I have the EXACT same phone!

Trista Robertson says:

Awkward moment when my teacher plays this in first hour.. HAHAHA. Personal
financial literacy class. HILARIOUS. We were learning about insurance….

Drawings says:

-Cough cough-

gorefangz says:

hehe penis tax

MrF4IL says:

So its a penis tax

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

Or maybe some people just don’t give a shit about your retarded smartphone?
waste of money btw lul

Ricardo Rey says:

All Agents Nightmare.

Myrna Johnson says:

Good video

PurplePie69 says:

“I never comment on YouTube videos” *says on a YouTube video*

Lou Diamond says:

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landybrandy says:

visit my blog: “all about insurance” insurancecollect. com

TheStealth says:

you know this is scripted, right? o.O

astickypickle says:

The driving talent comes in a suppository =/

Maxim Sh says:

I’ve got a high rate just because I’m first time insured in North America,
clean 10 previous driving years not in account.

Mills117 says:


james farmer says:

OH MY GOD!!! this video made me feel so good because I have to pay $385 a
month for my car insurance!!!! ahahhaahaha although hes really good when
talking to that phone operator I usually just swear and yell then hang up.
haahha I’m going to watch this again this video is just too awesome. Hats
off to barats and bereta!! oh P.S. Fuck Progressive

cuntbagger420 says:

my cellphone looks like that.

ManDroid says:

I have been working in insurance for years. The “assuming” part does not
fly with the department of the insurance. Because of real statistics, man
have proved to be riskier to insure because they are more exposed to the
road; truck drivers, construction workers, lumber jacks, etc. One more
thing; any driver with less than 3 years or experience driving with a
license, like a 16 year old are considered still “inexperienced drivers”.
It doesn’t matter if you’re 16 or 60.

wannamess118128138 says:

we are more at risk? You see more girls than guys texting and talking on
the phone while they drive, PLUS they do their fucking make up while they
drive… so ya how about that

Bluepengie says:

I think his phone bills are his main problem

tampainsurance says:

This guy is hillareous!

ManDroid says:

Age is not a huge issue in insurance. Even though the insurance companies
may not tell you is that they take your zip code to check it to see how
many claims and losses have been paid in that area due to accidents,
vandalism, theft, etc. The main factors to calculate what you will pay are:
Zip code, type of car and year, driving record, age (if you have a clean
record or not), miles driven (avg is 11k a year), how many cars owned,
marriage status, profession and believe it or not: credit score.

7h3Master says:

Wow… Guys are not a higher risk unless they are drunk.

Christopher Claxton says:

Because my penis is so huge


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