Auto Insurance Deductible Definition

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Auto Insurance Deductibles explained by Cheri Roman, an Allstate insurance agent based in Austin, TX.

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Kayone us says:

What if my car didnt get damaged do i still have to pay the deductible?

Elle E. Carmona says:

Thank you so much explaining so clearly. I wish you were my agent.

Gerald Woods says:


Cheri Roman says:

If your car does not get damaged in an accident, you do not have to pay the
deductible. The liability portion of your auto policy will pay for the
damages you may have caused to another vehicle up to the limits of your
property coverage. Your deductible only comes into play to fix your own
vehicle after an at-fault accident.

ugm says:

idk why you don’t have more views you really explain it simply put unlike
other then most people who make it so confusing with stuff you don’t need
to hear great video!

bacanito19 says:

Help me a lot thanx

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