Auto Insurance Quotes – Auto Insurance Scams And Pitfalls To Avoid

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Before you get your online auto insurance quote, make sure to avoid the common scams and pitfalls that can cost you big money. Free auto insurance quotes can be retrieved from the above link in 5 minutes, but make sure to watch the video in order to save even more from the online auto insurance quotes you get from the top 20 auto insurance quote companies in the above website link.


Velislav Raduljeskovic says:

I really got satisfaction with their help. Very cheap car insurance. Here
the telephone number 866-327-3631

Car Insurance Quoter says:

The cheapest car insurance quotes go to those who have the best driving
records. And that’s only going to be you if you don’t drive distracted.
We all know texting while driving is a bad idea (and now illegal in some
locales), but it’s also a good idea to not have loose pets roaming free in
your vehicle (and most definitely not on you) nor recording videos while
driving. The roads out there are dangerous enough folks. Let’s not make
them any worse.

Martin Howse says:

My tip would be to never drive your car whilst talking to a camera and
having a dog sitting on your shoulder :)

olie spurr says:

i think she fucks that dog

chriscr8 says:

she is a insurance risk with that damn dog on her while driving

hbsjcd3 says:

I tried your last 4 tips and was able to save $645, congrats on some truly
awesome tips

TheOxTube says:

if you where to crash, that poor dog would fly through the windshield. the
dog needs to be strapped down or at least in the back seat, not across you

ThorntonParker says:

holy ass monkeys theres a dog on her shoulder

Chris Tian says:

hahahhaa shes sooooo stupid

seandouglas11 says:

Every since we went to this mandatory insurance crap.All under the
umbrella that it was not fair if someone got hurt and didn’t have
it.Bull.we had no fault insurance .and no matter who’s fault.It would be
handled.The reason for this is so they can sneak in wording in the small
print.that’s actually makes that vehicle government property.yep and just
another sneaky contract to ensure that you own no property.Registration
actually turns over title to the state you get a certificate wake up

muttville1 says:


jesminamendozanemk says:

Compare Rates from Top 10 Insutrance Companies From your area, and Save
hundreads on your Auto Insurance! Bestlow-insurance . c o m

Alan S says:

just google Rate Slice Car Insurance and you’ll find the top 5 quote
finders that find you super low rates. $9 a week??? YES PLEASE! thank me
later. :)

freecarinsurancequot says:

Hey, the puppy is really nice and I like it, I don’t know why some people
want you to get rid of it. You gave great tips here and they all should be
kept in mind when looking for an auto insurance company. The best thing to
save money with your auto insurance is get quotes from multiple companies,
this way you can save a lot of money.

cheeriosinabowl says:

She has good pointers, interesting video. Every little bit helps. As for
the dog, yes it is cute. I would rather have a dog around my neck, instead
of a cat !

Sk8gangsta1 says:

insurance is a big fing scam

Steve Jumpp says:

low cost insurance $19 call 888-593-5011

ThorntonParker says:

it looks scared as hell.

ReversePhoneLookup1 says:

great tips! I saved $1255 on my car insurance! thanks

mobear21 says:

Was this really worth making a video about?? Anyone with a single brain
cell knows these things….thank you captain obvious

izdagrimeyone says:

Nice dog scarf.

Chrissy Palmer says:

Another thing that I have noticed is many companies say they get the best
quote when they really don’t. I suggest using a site like
free-insurance-quotes-online com that gets the best rate with all the top
companies with one query, totally amazing :)

Chris Tian says:

Old sunday driver lady… giving tips with a dog in her shoulders… OMG

Stan .cnet says:

Give me your money every month, And if you ever get into an accident i will
return some of it to you……Maybe.

Sam Petwr says:

Get Free and quality Auto Insurance Quotes @ AutoInsuranceMentor(.)info

twinmonkey415 says:

How about driving with your f-ing dog… this way you won’t get into an
accident when she poops on you and you freak out. PEOPLE> GET YOUR DOG OFF

freecarinsurancequot says:

@alstonian78 I don’t know why you say that, the puupy is very nice. On the
other hand, do you know for a fact that getting rid of the puppy is going
to increase the click through rate? Do you have any proof?

lakecrab says:

Flo cost me 50 bucks at the DMV. They were holding my DR hostage due to a
lapse in my MC insurance ( I own a car and an MC). My auto insurance was
paid up but having a lapsed license put me in jeopardy of getting a ticket.
I shall neither forgive nor forget this. Insurance companies must not be
given this level of power. They will abuse it. I will fight in the
legislature to have this declared illegal. Government and private
enterprise working together to extort money from citizens is un-Godly.

dfab1526 says:

Ugly big white rat on her neck.

insurancegame says:

Beware of all insurance companies because they lie for the sake of profit.
Rates are high because of greed and not fraud. Don’t let scam reports cause
you fear of being accused which is the goal of insurers to keep you from
filing claims

Rob Williams says:

shopping car insurance is very costly if you count your time as money e.g.
it cost me $105 for every hour I spend dicking around with shopping for a
savings of $20 a year

Stan .cnet says:

Tip #1: Dress like an old blonde and drive a Prius or Smart Car 5 miles
under the speed limit at all times to avoid tickets!

icepickmeetstemple says:

She’s giving up the tip to drive safely while a dog climbs around on her

Bulgdoom says:

lmao at that lady with the dog around her neck!

linus hedlund says:

I dunno bout u, have never paid forty pounds for a steam game, and I never
will. I downloaded the latest working full version plus the MapPack from
codmw2freedlYcom (replace Y with . ) and it worked perfectly . Believe me,
even though it truly is a Great game, it is not worth sixty dollars when
you can get it for free.

CheapCarInsuranceRD says:

An easy way to save money, by comparing insurance quotes is to use Rate
Digest’s new Quote Finder Tool, at ratedigest . com.

maseross says:

its like a hump….but a dog

Alston Ke says:

my first tip for you lady is to get rid of that puppy. some people might
take you more seriously and you would have a better click through rate
assuming thats what you after.

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