Auto Insurance Scams Caught on Dash Camera in the U.S and Canada

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More information about auto insurance scams and how to avoid them:

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In the event of a collision a dashboard camera can help:

§ Get the other car’s licence plate number. Also, the number of passengers that were in the other car at the time of the accident. Later, you can compare this information to the information on the insurance claim, to make sure that all the names in the claim were actually passengers in the car.

§ Provide a video description of the passengers.

§ Display how passengers behave. Do they joke around and seam healthy, but suddenly act injured when the police arrive at the scene?

§ Have a detailed video record of the damage the car received and the number of passengers.

§ The camera can be removed of the bracket and used as a digital camera or a camcorder in full HD 1080p (12MP as a digital camera) for taking extra pictures and video at the scene of the accident.


EmcSqrd says:

In Russia the “victim” gets out the car and beats the shit out of these

Sean Morris says:

I have watched a lot of dash cam videos on Youtube, and now I feel the urge
to go and buy one.

TheShadonNight says:

in my country you can pull all the scammers out of the car and legally blow
it up then proceed to beat the scammers, call the police and the police
will beat them some more. If someone dies we hang the scammer.

posting id says:

I have a Garmin Dash Cam 20 in my car. It’s around $220. It takes up to a
32 gb class 10 micro SD card. The video records in 1080p and is stamped
with the time, date, speed, and latitude & longitude. It’s a great camera!

whiterthan hitler says:

If someone tried pulling a stunt like this on me I’d see to it that they
end up in a pile in a garbage dump.

Atlas Kebab says:

I just hope the victim had insurance.

Le Enderman says:

People are such fucking scumbags. Sad I won’t be able to witness it, but
the day Earth is ridden of human beings, is the day restoration can begin. 

lifehappens352 says:

happened to me. this video makes me so angry. my insurance was raised
points on my license. i lost my job as a driver. the woman had 4 others
that year. she had slip and falls, etc all same attorney and doctors. Her
scam hurt me financially and caused so many problems.

April K says:

Sick fucking parasites.

mathlover101hotmail says:

dash cams should be standard equipment in cars

Sporkenstein says:

Identity thieves and people who commit insurance fraud should be publicly
executed and their bodies strung up with signs nailed to their chests
saying what they did to discourage others from doing the same. 

Ethan Khem says:

Nice Subaru

Evan Good says:

i have no empithy for people that do that.

said abdullahi says:

The other thing ,how to tell shame accidents from real ones? 

TurPPu says:

“Caught on dash cam” i dont see any dashcam footage in this video.

Gabriel Oversight says:

try this in the uk, we dare you, you will always lose your case as we know
this stuff occurs, as for the christian comment, just no, when ever anyone
brings religion into an argument your looking for a fight which alone is a
crime to your own religion.

I myself, an atheist, I help people each day because I can and enjoy seeing
others with a smile, to see people who are “religious” do nothing for
anyone, even if they see someone fall over, just proves that religion means
nothing these days but a label on a birth certificate or job application.

Theodore Gillam says:

In Virginia, if u get hit from behind you are at fault, even if you are
standing still. If you get hit in front and u are standing still it is the
car that is in motions fault.

MAG Drago says:

Of course they were never caught pry the insurance company running the

Warhawk3451 says:

If this happened to me idk what I would do….I have a very short fuse and
I don’t have an upset or mad mood…I only have extremely pissed off

Christopher Belshe says:

One scam failed and the stupid muthafucka is somebody’s bitch fo’ life!!!!
The woman is in heaven while the dumb shit has to use an 8″ plug to keep
his shit inside!

Chevy Trucks says:

I drive with my phone cam turned on with a pillar mount cant trust nobody
in this fuckin world

Biguss Dickus says:

insurance fraud is big business. It’s not just the people crashing into you
that are involved. There’s the tow truck that collects your damaged car
that needs to be paid for. The hire car company that gives you a
replacement vehicle until the claim is settled and of course the damaged
vehicle needs to be stored at a daily fee. 

Brandon Yen says:

I wonder why my insurance is so expensive in my state because of the scam
and I’ve never had a traffic ticket or any accidents in my 27yrs of
driving. But now I had bought a dash-cam with twins lens that can rotate
180degree and 1080p just incase someone try to scam me.

Andrew Wagnon says:

She said the women “recovered” from those accidents. Seriously? A pothole
would give a bigger jolt. News programs like this, always

TopCheeseSnipe says:

Dirty nigger.

Kevin Ruback says:

Let’s be honest: this is an advertisement. But what a GREAT AD! Definitely
worth watching. I’ve been thinking about a dashcam for a while. I’ll give
these guys a loook for sure. 

ryan24287 says:

While their down on the ground, cloroform them and then stick them in your
trunk to go drop them into the river unconscious….. Jk I would not but I
would be angry.

John Butts says:

Car insurance is a big scam. The politicians are in bed with insurance
companies. They decide how much they will steal from the public.
Insurance shouldn’t be for profit. Since insurance is a law then a non
profit government entity should be a trustee in the management of people
collective funds to cover everyone in event of claims. This is how it
should work, people pooling their money to cover each other. If I can only
drive one car at a time and only have myself as the driver why do I have to
pay double for both cars? Don’t give me that driving is a privilege
bullshit. Without transport the economy would collapse. Its impossible
for everyone to live walking distance from work. And the government wont
provide transportation for its citizens. We HAVE to drive, or starve.
Since no one could say someones lively hood is a privilege they cant say
driving is a privilege when its required for that lively hood. Plus
insurance isn’t required by law to pay out! They can invent company
polices to deny claims at a whim. And if you think there are laws forcing
them to pay a claim, remember who wrote the laws, the insurance companies.


Hmm, should probaly change from hustling into this business, much more
legit and can earn more money. :D

MedFriendly says:

Must see video to protect yourself against staged auto accidents:

Auto Insurance Scams Caught on Dash Camera in the U.S and Canada

Will M. says:

I have three Lukas Cuti 7200 series dash cams for three vehicles. 

Peter S says:

fucking Americans love to sue other then work

Robert Langton says:

Obvious redneck drivers are obvious. 

JohnnyRocket says:

Get a big truck. Lift it. put big tires on it. but a big solid tube bumper
on the front and back. Hit me and kill yourself.

statikreg says:

We really didn’t need them to demonstrate………..we just saw the footage
and they explained the whole thing.

Richard A says:

Why do i need a dash cam when my cell phone will do the same job? I don’t

ReaLifeVideos420 says:

oh shut the fuck up, the biggest scammers here are geico progressive all
state AAA all those fucking money hungry insurance companies sucking people
dry… under 24? happy to have ur first car? are u a male? get ready for a
fucked up insurance quote of over $500 a month.. fucking assholes deserve
to be frauded.

Colin Doughty says:

I have a dash cam in my Transport truck and personal car. 

Go Bi says:

A car tried to do this to me once or twice. Once I saw a car parked off
road, and I thought that it felt weird the way they were sitting there with
no turn signal. I began to pass it on the right when it lurched towards me.
Fortunately, I had just enough time to swerve into the next lane and speed
up before the car behind could hit me. Also, the people who randomly break
check when I’m driving at the speed limit. Do they want me to hit them?
These videos make me feel paranoid.

buzz lightyear says:

So this is why my car insurance rates are so high. The insurance companies
are paying millions to these scammers and our rates go up.

Juma folder says:

none of these are caught on dash cam MF

TheClumzylerch says:

Man just shows you. Doesn’t matter if your a cop, a doctor, a high priest.
mom, father or what ever. Corruption is every where and every place. All
said and done. We need more good men to stand up.

sudilos117 says:

Funny, even if someone pulls into the lane. As a driver its your duty to
both pay attention ahead of you and to stop. 

mathlover101hotmail says:

Prison is not a deterrent these days, we need to start executing these low

IloveJell0w says:

so wait these guys have no jobs and need the money so HOw the hell do they
have money to spend on car insurance then ?

Itsmeeman1 says:

In Soviet USA, Insurance company defrauds YOU

Driven Light says:

I just bought 2 dash cams. One for me and another for my brother that he
will get for Christmas. I got my dash cam at Radio shack and the audio and
video is great quality hands down. I bought mine on black Friday and it was
originally $99.99 after mail in rebate and I got 2 for $100 after mail in
rebate. Definitely recommend anyone to get one that always drives on the
road. especially on the interstate.

debbiewasshername says:

god help us all.. the human race is a disgusting disaster, and that
includes all the “christians” who *should* know better

ANDYW031084 says:

dash camera is the grate think buy it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alwyn Dellow says:

Its a sad fact in the world today. Like he said, ppl have no money, and
it’s come to ripping off insurance. It is a greedy world with CEOs getting
multi mill in payouts cause they saved the company millions by sacking ppl.
Here in Aust. Jobs are outsourced to Asia so profits can be bigger. Work is
cheaper, but the buyer doesn’t get the savings. 

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