CNN 360 Anderson Cooper – Auto Insurance Part 1

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Anderson Cooper story about questionable auto insurance practices.


A Touch of Paint says:
Brock Richards says:

Folks! If you’re you’re in the market for a better policy, call
(855-971-1863) for car insurance quotes. It’s free and open 24 hours/day.
My clients use it and have saved $500 on average so far when switching
insurance policies. Good luck!

Andy Solis says:

I am a licensed PNC and Life agent for Liberty Mutual Insurance and came
from the workers compensation applicant (injured worker) side of the
industry. I lobbied at the California capital and I begged for the rights
of injured workers and in the end the big insurance company won and oddly I
am working for one. Know your rights and know your coverages because as the
insider in this video stated we more times than not fold. Just because you
hire an attorney does not make your claim any easier because chances are
they will take what will pay their contingency the fastest…

barbender says:

The reason this girl was only offered 15k by the insurance company, is
because the insured only paid for 15k of insurance. Most people go for the
cheapest price, and never look for the coverage they need. If you are in an
at fault accident, and you do not have enough coverage, the lawyers will
find out what assets you have to liquidate. 30% of your wages for 10 years,
equity in your home, and retirement saved, and the amount of liability
coverage you have in your policy.

nate woi says:

almost $600 for a 6 month policy just called the other day ROTFL been
driving 15 years No wrecks saved $15.000 Im not paying for others wrecks I
don’t own a cell phone so I don’t text and drive one of there reasons for
my high rates another excuse is they say that I haven’t been insured for
years they state my town were I live is another reason why rates so high
lol Im willing to pay $20 a month just to be legal get me out you BRACKETS
and look at driving history bitches

David Birdsfan says:

what in the heck does your comment have to do with mine? Your grammar is
pathetic, you don’t speak in complete sentences or make sense, and I
homestly have no idea what you are talking about.

foolclip says:


Herp Derp says:

Alright.. I’ve been looking for this allstate commercial for years.. the
one from 0:24 – 0:32 . I beg of anyone who knows where I can watch this
commercial, please help me find it. or even better, the song that’s
featured in it. I heard it as a child, and since this commercial had this
song in it, I’ve been looking for the commercial ever since. You’ve no idea
how much I’d appreciate any assistance, thanks in advance!

David Birdsfan says:

I wish you’d have a wreck. You’d keep your mouth shut then, wouldn’t you?
You sound like the idiots that lost 1000’s a year gambling but want to tell
you about the $100’s of dollars they won last weekend at the boat. Congrats
on being lucky, but you miss the point of insurance. $4000 would cover a
bumper and a fender on a nice car and maybe 1 doctor visit so if you do
cause an accident, you’re fucked, but again, congrats on being lucky so

Adam DiStefano says:

Always find Anderson Cooper to have great information. Very interesting to
awtach him tak about autoinsurance. Thanks for sharing this cool video!

shawnwwe says:

just for the records.Full Coverage means,your own damages are covered as
well.Liability is mandatory,to cover the damage u cost to others,such as
car or property.Our US system is messed up anyway

David Birdsfan says:

jaded much? so you think government insurance is the solution? hahaha. Talk
to me in a few years after Obamacare has been in place for a while.

Will Backbone says:

I bet most ppl that never read their policy. They juts want it covered no
matter what happens. My insurance agent explained all my coverages when I
bought my insurance, she said there is no such thing as “full coverage” he
said the policy has numbers in it and they matter. He recommended $100,000
in medical coverage and it only costs a few more bucks a month than
“minimum coverage” People want to be blind to their coverage.

insurancegame says:

@theenforcer1977 I’ve been banned from some forums because of messages to
educate people. I’m sure it’s because of undercover insurance workers or
stock holders that don’t want the truth to be told. They are at the forums
to purposely give bad advice and I told the people to watch for them and
they didn’t like it. These people are online seeking help and have no idea
these undercover workers are there.

Christopher Mercer says:

The problem is more than paying for Insurance. It’s deep entrenched in the

Harshcore811 says:

I haven’t had insurance for the last three years. No accidents and no
chickenshit tickets. I’ve been 22-25 throughout these years. I’ve saved
about $4,000 in these years.

Will Backbone says:

Nope wrong, med is extremely cheap in my state went from 5K to 100K in Med
coverage for $3.50 per month. There is NO such thing as FULL coverage. Have
an accident with a surgeon, put him out of work 6 months and $75,000 in his
medical bills and see if its FULLY covered. Full coverage is a general term
but there are #’s in every policy and they are called policy limits so
there goes the FULL out the window.What about un and under insured u forgot

TheSeaMyst says:

You send lobbyist to guard your occult practices in congress corrupting
everything they touch I now see you have got to Hillery she is gone. You
have corrupted the hospitals now they do not even take in the sick but let
them die your way is death and death is coming for you all You have
corrupted the free market and there are no jobs here because free people
hate you and all of your evil judges and credit lies.

CheapCarInsuranceRD says:

Thanks so much for this information, it is very useful!

David Birdsfan says:

So if someone flees the scene of an accident because they don’t have
insurance, it’s the insurance company’s fault? That is the most stupid and
faulty logic i’ve scene in quite a while.

KamikazeKoscki says:

Corporate Hitlers are evening ripping off serious injuries! Terrorising the
injured! Their are not a lot of Plaintiff lawyers who know the laws for the
injured, the greedy insurers need to be brought to justice! Insurance Fair
Act doctrine is some case law.


If there were statistics that said black people or asian people were worse
drivers, would they charge them more? I think not. Saying men are more
dangerous than women is just as sexist and stereotypical as saying black
people are worse than other races is racist. It’s BULLSHIT.

Miguel Sandoval says:

This is an not a honest report, the insurance company with the first lady
met their obligation by paying the 15000 which is the max bodility injury
limit, if they offered that it’s because the at-fault driver had 15/30/5
which means 15000 per driver and 30000 per incident, she should have
underinsured or her own medical met their obligation and
should have not been sued it’s the at-fault driver whom should have to paid
the the remaining amount.on her bills

Kevin Konesky says:

AAA Michigan is doing the same thing to me right now. My own auto insurance
company refuses to pay my pip benefits I was rear ended and am disabled for
life. The federal judge who awarded me social security disability ruled the
accident disabled me. My vehicle was totaled. I suffered a TBI had 3
surgeries may need more and an inner ear injury. Auto insurance is a SCAM

nate woi says:

Im looking to build a case about car insurance and why its mandatory where
do I buy government CAR Insurace plan THEREs A GREEDY HISTORY BEHIND the

nate woi says:

FOOD FOR THOUGHT ALLSTATE stated that Fort Collins, Colorado had the safest
drivers for the last 3 years ???? I don’t smoke pot but I can even FIRGUR
OUT WHY ? what the fuck is wrong with people did a quote to get insurance
IN Fort Collins, Colorado it was $200 ON A 6 MONTH plan lmfao see the world
through my eyes and you think WTF

BriZai2 says:

Correct devilcajun, they never mentioned that she could have used her MP
cov if she carried it. Also the bills are her responsibility until she
wants to settle the claim or within the statute for that state. I wonder if
the 15k offer was the BI policy max, and if so she would need to try and
file a Underinsured Motorist claim with her own insurance company once

niaphoenix says:

John Grisham’s novel the Rainmaker is about such practices in the insurance

TheSeaMyst says:

Auto Insurance the scourge of the earth the raping of America your home is
not yours if you quit paying for insurance while your paying of your loan
they take your home and The anti Christ police are there when they take
your home the very people that they where sworn to protect and serve under
god like auto insurance where forced to get Russia step down’ America has
you beat for communist practices 100 to 1

Christopher Mercer says:

It’s called plastics from alcohol (bumpers). Aluminum from rocks. Glass
from sand.

julingy says:

Wanna get raped in the ass? GET INSURANCE helping people and running a
business = oxymoron. insurance company’s should not be allowed to be
private. if there is a hell, thats where insurance company workers go

alexisdiva9 says:

Yes, and Allstate is mentioned in that book. The book details a process
that Allstate has been accused of doing – but the process was practiced by
a fictious health insurer.

MeandProgressive says:

Thanks for having the courage and conviction of bringing this situation
public. Car Insurance Policies such as Progressive’s appear to be nothing
more than a pyramid scheme in which those Corporate Executives at the top
get richer and richer while injured policyholders are left without medical
care as I have explained in my video “Progressive Insurance Has Treated Me
as Road kill”. It is nothing more than taxpayer subsidized profits for
Corporations such as Progressive.

insurancegame says:

@heartlessvietboy The government works with the insurance companies. The
cops are out stopping people and want people to fear being caught without
insurance. They want to help the insurers get bigger profits for them and
their stock holders. They really add to the ills of our society because
some people flee the scene of accidents and then are classified as
criminals and it all leads back to the insurance companies.

Christopher Mercer says:

250 Million people in the U.S. x $35.00 a month = $10 Billion. Case Closed.
Insurance shouldn’t be too costly.

autoinsurancemonster says:

Profit should not be more important than people.

MissRedrum78 says:

Yea PROGRESSIVE-look into those pirates. You pay for specific coverages on
your car and trust they will NOT cover it.

bballshinobi says:

Biased report… The insurance company of the at-fault driver can only pay
that girl up to the limit of the driver’s policy. If $15,000 is all the
coverage the other driver bought, then that’s all she’s going to get. She
should have had Uninsured Motorist and Medical coverage on her own.

TheSeaMyst says:

we have more prisoners than you more corrupt police more sinners more of
our government lying in the pocket of bank employers than you ever dreamed
and soon guess what there coming for you What do we get back out of this
deal you rape artist you become bigger and bolder in your ways to abuse us
you and credit are the real destroyers of America a once proud country your
judges are in your pockets your playground is las Vegas Nevada and you
prostitute gods children as a number and score.

Robert Lee says:

Great job reporting on this Anderson!

Christopher Mercer says:

There should be a way to reduce perhaps even somewhat eliminate insurance
associated fraudulent reports.

Christopher Mercer says:

Insurance must be Government. Nevada Insurance: 10 Million people x
$50month New York Insurance: 25 Million x $50 month California Insurance:
30 Million x $50 month Texas Insurance: 20 Million x $50 month Kansas
Insurance: 15 Million x $50month Colorado Insurance: 20 Million x $50 month
South Carolina Insurance: 15 Milion x $50 Et Cetera

Christopher Mercer says:

If you don’t get it then you need help.

David Birdsfan says:

not sure where your $10 Billion figure comes from. but your 250 million
assumption is flawed in that it assumes every man woman and child pays
insurance. I don’t know about you, but my 2 and 5 year old aren’t paying
for their insurance yet, nor are any of their 20 cousins…case closed.

Scott Herrera says:

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rene ng says:

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