Direct Line car insurance advert extras – Alexander Armstrong/Chris Addison

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Close | Alexander Armstrong and Chris Addison ad-lib on the set of the latest Direct Line car insurance ad campaign.


RandyLahey911 says:

i might start a kickstarter

drlemoncobra says:

@djdavedoc NOOO, this character is way funnier! the pimms character was
just annoying. this character deserves his own tv show!

RandyLahey911 says:

fucking hell i hate both these cunts so much

ADA33445 . says:


jungfeller says:

Horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible.

Albear20 says:

0:20 buuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrbukkaaaaarrrrkk!!!

Harrisonb06 says:

oh a mobile phone.. very cleverrr! haaa <3

Sho ho says:

LOOOOOOOOL…. 0.41 – 0.51 is a true meaning of “That awkward moment…”

MrKarlawhite says:

He is fuckin brill love it

Luffyiscool says:

what the hell is wrong you two? fucking psycho’s.

YodaVanGrindey95 says:

This guy looks a lot like Gary Mullen!

StephenSE9 says:

This should be a sitcome. Come on television producers!

travis Ebanez says:

i hear ya man, i wanna beat the shit out of them.

RandyLahey911 says:

how much you reckon to pay some serbs to find them and torture them to

travis Ebanez says:

not sure lol but any price is worth it. lol they r such cocks

Iain Brown says:

Amusing. Shark Attack! :-)

travis Ebanez says:

lol hell yea bro, im with ya.

CleoShy says:

Why am I so attracted to this guy?!? … and I am talking about Alexander :/

Marty1fatbstard says:

so why go to a clip which features both of them.

Khalid Aubin says:

Armstrong, what a ledgend :D the man off pointless :D

travis Ebanez says:

fuck you direct line, and stop putting your adverts on tv so much.

Niall Thorogood says:

Oh dear.

RandyLahey911 says:


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