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Terry Liu says:

I was involved in an accident by in 6/14, the other vehicle ran into me,
and my insurance company is 21st century, and they refused to even inspect
the damages(i should said non-damages) on my vehicle…my rear bumper got a
few stretches, and the other vehicle was a MB with big long dent from from
front quarter penal to the rear door, almost 3 feet long, and they have
Geico Insurance. Who do you thing 21st Century do? They claimed they lost
the arbitration by presenting the “evidence” and lost… What evidence???
they have not even inspected the “evidence” and how can they present
something they don’t even bother to look at???, and You know what, Geico
clearly was must more responsive to their insured, and what about 21st
Century??? nope, not even want to inspect their insured vehicle, and
respond to my multiple calls(all I have to give up after 30 + minutes of
on-hold) You might saved a few $$$, but you get what you paid for(in my
case…over 7 years as a good, paid on time customer), I am considering
switching to Geico and pay them the $482 more a year, 

xzotik says:

I don’t know folks, but this doesn’t seem fair. What do you think.

Dianna: I do see that a driver and vehicle were removed from your policy
effective 9-12-14 giving you a policy credit of $773.06 toward your policy
balance. Your six month premium for two vehicle’s is now $994.67.
Dianna: We did not receive your payment for September. The reason is there
was incorrect information provided.
Dianna: There was not a returned payment fee.
Dianna: Would you like to make a payment now for $324.77 via live chat or
Speedpay on our website?
jonathan johnson: thanks, the payment error was my fault.It was paid from
the wrong account.I completed a payment 10mins ago.
Dianna: One moment please while I access the Speedpay website.
Dianna: I do see that you made a payment of $324.76 today. The payment
will post to your policy tomorrow, 10-1-14.
jonathan johnson: I want to reactivate autopay, but it seems as though
$377 will be billed. The correct amount should be $165
Dianna: After your payment of $324.76 posts to your policy tomorrow, your
policy balance will be $652.54. You have 2 installment payments remaining
for this policy term. Each of your installment payments will be
approximately $326.27. Once your renewal generates, and if your renewal
premium is the same at $994.67 for six months, then your premium is divided
equally into 6 making your installment payments approximately $165.78.
Dianna: Your premium was $2368.14 and then we removed a driver and vehicle
making the prorated premium amount that you are to pay for this policy term
Dianna: That is why your installment payments are not $165.78 now.
Dianna: You are paying for premium for adding a driver and vehicle from
6-24-14 through 9-12-14 when both were deleted.
Dianna: When both were deleted, we then credited your policy $773.06 as we
are no longer billing for them.
jonathan johnson: OMG! how is the fair, I am still paying a portion of the
car and the driver whom is now a 21st customer with a premium of his own.
Dianna: That is correct, you will need to pay for premium for adding a
driver and vehicle to your policy for the time they were added until the
time removed.
Dianna: This amount was prorated.
Dianna: Is there anything else I can help you with, Jonathan?
jonathan johnson: this is not fair , but it will make great social media
Agent is typing a message…

SkullTag Films says:

Chigi chigi chigi chigi 21st?

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