Good2Go Auto Insurance: Traffic Stop

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James Brady says:

I loath to hear this commercial so much and you can tell that there is
obviously a black man voicing the stupid dancing man…

BulldogOzzy says:

Looks like the evil David Hasselhoff from Knight Rider.

Remy Sheppard says:

Pretty sure that this is the most racist thing I’ve ever seen.

PhuckHue2 says:

‘member when 5-O ast you fo yo insurance. BAM you be good to go muthafucka!
sheeit, yaknowwhatI’msayin?

Lyndell Fraser says:

I hate this damn Comercial. The person who thought of this Comercial should
be fired and not work another job. 

kelerbel wings says:

I love MiniMo

100PercentOS2 says:

Such an idiotic ad. I would run not walk as fast as I can the opposite
direction and find someone else. Don’t know what annoys me more-the
idiotic tough guy bobble head or the man’s voice who sounds like it is all
a big joke to him. 

Good2Go Auto Insurance says:
mike blood says:

This commercial is ganster!!!! GREAT JOB I LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL

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