Grand Theft Auto 5 Multiplayer – Part 1 – Welcome to Online (GTA Let’s Play / Walkthrough / Guide)

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Justin Avert says:

Like if you are watching in 2015

TheMuscleNetwork says:

Can you change your skin color and hair throughout the game?

Mudkip555 says:

Nothing’s impossible? Explain that to my broken leg. I tried to fly after
this video And ended up breaking my leg and almost my arm D:

Christian Jenerette says:

Honestly, the best custom character creation I’ve seen was that of Tiger
Woods PGA after it hit PS2, since you could actually customize… well just
about everything. Actually make your character look like yourself if you
wanted to, or make a person that looks totally ridiculous or creepy. Second
best was probably Tony Hawk’s Underground.

Anti-HyperLink says:

He talks about growing up with Pokémon after screwing up the song _.

Ahem, it’s:

I wanna be the very best
Like no one ever was

leon sekolokwane says:

How old should I be to play a GTA 5, cause I’m thinking I should be 16 to
play GTA 5 and I’m 13?

awesomerobot15 says:

Y does it say u set a world record?

salvationarmyfan13 says:

I preordered this for PC and I am EXTREMELY psyched to play online

NommingWafers says:

You’re a genwunner…

Dragon Master321 says:

Did u not realize that u set a world record

VeezoMusic - Copyright Free Music says:

I can remember the day this came out, it was so laggy

Desert Eagal says:

Guys please tell me what to do to play the game online?

John Barnes says:

I skipped the online tutorial and missed this mission. Can I replay?

The Maniacal Garchomp says:

started this series 1 day before my birthday

That1GamingMiner says:

Is it me, or does GTA 5 old gen look like CRAP after playing gta 5 new gen
for 3-4 months?

Zakk Brown says:

Got put in a bad sport lobby on PS3, how do I check how much time I have
left? Nothing comes up in-game.

Eduardo Zuluaga says:

The best intro video for gta online, really like it keep doing videos like

GameHub says:

On that plane, id be like:
Im gonna make a name for myself. Im gonna climb that businesss rank right
to the top!

Youre like:
Im gonna make a name for myself. Im gonna smoke weed an get bitches, the
advice of the many homeless, i see.

Annie Sorm says:

Lumar was trying to kiss me in GTA 5 Online because my character is a girl
and yeah,in real life I’m a girl as well.

TheMiningSteve says:


Nowell Nacapuy says:

Do u have to race because I Just got mine and finished campaign 

Becky Norman says:

i have a 500,000 dollar house and a buggati and a zentorno.

Martin Elberg says:

Is your name Martin in real life, cause my name is Martin :D


TmarTn2 are you playing this on a xbox one

JohnnyRebKy says:

I signed I to online for first time and it just threw me into the city.
Didn’t have no story opening like yours. Still confused trying to figure
the online out 

jsneth castell says:

Did you need a controller to play GTA 5 online ? 

Michael Kenney says:

i hafe aet ther be for it is dlishis

patrick grams says:

Do you have to have xbox live gold to play GTA V online?

Jayden Dabral says:

THUMS UP IF WATCHING IN 2015!!!! (And skipped all episodes up until 330)

MightyLev says:

this was 2 days be4 my bday

FlyingAce1016 says:

wtf is up with the grand parentsbparents thing? cant we just make our own?

Geetha Peddireddy says:

There’s also GTA5 on ps4

Ethan Campbell says:

I love this guys videos, the first video of his that I watched was dying
light episode 1 and I loved it!

XxReCoN01xX says:

what ep did he get the entity 

THE NOOB says:

iin ps4 i dont have this 

888haze says:

why does this guy yell so much? cant even wear my headphones

T.J. Ridley says:

in and out is da best

HMxDyte says:

why does tmartn hav 2 channels
TmarTn2 and TmarTn

Lipcsai Szilveszter says:

whats the name of the song thats around the 3:00 mark?

gameboy 216 says:

I love this guy no homo

The Dark Heart says:


ShatteredCiv says:

Pokemon dude? Rly?

Danny Roche says:

On the bottom it says, More, from Elton John. o.o

skuxsmasher12 says:

looks like you got Punched in the face

gaming foxy says:

like if u are watching in 2015

harvey hamilton says:


Gaming Canadian says:

@Matthew Heckman if you don’t like the commentary don’t watch the videos 

grace 富 brandon says:

dude pokemon was fucking amazing

Tanaisha Mathis says:

Do you know how to do it for Xbox one

Galaxysheem says:

I’ve also set a world record when I came online first Gta 5 race I was
surprised then I set another world record in Bike racing

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