Grand Theft Auto 5 Multiplayer – Part 2 – Car Insurance (GTA Let’s Play / Walkthrough / Guide)

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FTMC TheDroidK says:

well. i’m too used to the PS4 version.. those graphics are just… ew….

Leon Hasani says:

Like if your watcing in 2015! :)

Jeremy Troyer says:

Jeez you are such a fucking noob!!

Ben Towns says:

If you are watching in 2015 like

MrLegoman880 says:

I had to skip episode one

Dorian Reed says:

Can your GTA Online name be different from your psn or xbox live?

GideonCahill Minecraft PVP and More! says:

Is this with other players like multiplayer or is it single player?

michael nguyen says:

Tmartn2 what is JP?

Jack Wright says:

U really called that a camero

ganman877 says:

Can you sell 1 car per day in GTA or a real life day?

TheRealGamer! says:

+Yehia Mostafa Download what? And If you want to play ONLINE you’ll have
just open your main menu and go to ONLINE while singed to Xbox Live

bassfromhell1 says:

the songs are copyrighted!

Alexander Nørby says:

i just reached lvl 75 :D :D :D!

atom608 says:

is it you can sell 1 car IRL day or in game day?

pierce michael says:

Tmartn here’s a tip you can sell cars 

Yamaha R25 says:

You suck at this game. 

Jamerious Dreher says:

U can just use your phone

Cpt.Hornigold says:

I got kicked off the game cause I got hacked and given 400 mil

Aziz Alshayef says:

has anyone noticed that lamar has a cuss word in almost every sentence

Trevon Jackson says:

you should get bullet proof tires

hazardousminecrafter says:

I was on level 543 until someone hacked my xbox live so then I went down to
level 11 

Normans Realm says:

is anyone else’s audio overlapping
this is really wierd

Trystyn Hart says:

The girl at the atm was amanda from the campain

Tony Garcia says:

Like if ur watching this 2015

Delisa Shelton says:

stop cursing

Michael Lee says:

In what discount store do pants cost more than $100

frank lopez says:

this is amazing

PolarNaut says:

your da best tmartn, i subscribed 2 u!!!

Victor Segoviano says:

I also want to make gtav videos


I’m level 108

casual_llama says:

I like your music choice

Tyler Jackson says:

700,00th subscriber XD

Alejandro Cortez says:

What’s jp

TheTaufeeq420 says:

How do you start this up

FAhad Albalawi says:


ash29k says:

You are the most annoying little idiot on YouTube. Well done!

JO MONEY says:

3200 isnt 32000

Jossalex Polanco says:

where u get the pin?

Kathryn Gollan says:

The duke is a pretty good car

lukegummy says:

To this day he sucks just as bad as he did in this episode.

Ana Cosic says:

Is episode 1 blocked for everyone?

Ethan and Zoe's random videos says:

How did you get out of Los cargos cost On my way!

Random Youtube Guy 1256 says:

i need a crew, im on ps3 add me and invite me if youre willing to take a
noob, i can aim and shoot though: ELiteSnip3r17256

horne101 says:


Shaun Myer says:

Nice job

Kenneth Brown says:
wens bienaime says:

i reched level 98

QuinnKaos says:

Hey if anyone wans to invite me to their crew on 360 my gamertag is

BlazeDoesThings says:

dude y u be ditching your car… PICK IT FUCKING UP AFTER U SOLD DA MUSTANG

Tajhae Campbell says:

Umm I skipped tutorial in gta v next gem how do o get it back

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