Home & Auto Insurance Tips For 2014

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Consumers in Ontario are constantly looking for home & auto insurance savings and now that we are in 2014, it’s time to discuss some options that can help you save money. Many people pay more for insurance then they should be and it’s because a lack of knowledge about how the auto and home insurance industry works.

When looking for home & auto insurance tips to help you save money it’s important to know how current the information is. Because the insurance industry is constantly changing, information that is a couple of years old may no longer apply anymore. This is why every year you should speak with your insurance company or insurance broker to make sure you have the most up to date information.

Watch this episode with Real Estate Agent Joe Terceira, and Insurance Broker Robert Atto of Atto & Associates where they will discuss some home & auto insurance tips for 2014.

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Home & Auto Insurance Tips For 2014



Real Estate 101: The Home Buying & Selling Show says:

Home & auto insurance tips for 2014.

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