How to find cheap auto insurance online

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Learn how to find and get cheap auto insurance online with this tutorial guide to finding cheaper auto insurance rates.

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Jack Sullivan says:

Nice video

Jack Sullivan says:

Nice videos. and right on the money – find cheap insurance…:-)

Jake Shaffer says:

currently i pay $25/month liability through 4autoinsurancequote. tell me –
is it possible to get cheaper insurance than this???

supyto says:

@demokkid that would be ok but i pay 2.600 £ for 1l corsa……..

Joe Smith says:

Insurance is a scam! I never had a ticket or accident and have to pay $220
per month? I can buy a Kia for $99 a month WTF?? Bad drivers should pay
more or stay off the road and good drivers should pay almost nothing since
we are not the cause of the accident. Anyone with less than 1 accident and
1 ticket every 3 years should pay super less!! What a SCAM!! – please refer
me a good company with low prices. How much do you pay for 1 or 2 cars?

cheechdiaz says:

Good tips, I put them to use and was able to get cheaper rates.

MonsterBudSmoke says:

my quotes were 156-216$. I’m 19, work part time and can not afford this,
rent, car payments, groceries. FML.

CheapCarInsuranceRD says:

Awesome video.

greensora12 says:

@MonsterBudSmoke dude thats cheap compared to me

Steve Thompson says:

If they are a fluoride-head king lover who deserves to die anyway shoot
them for being In My way but If They are A 911 Truther We do Not care If
Our car has a scratch on It and If needed Who ever has the most money pays
for It.

lilmxn909 says:

@MonsterBudSmoke i feel you, did u ever find a cheap insurance? what do u

Steve Thompson says:

Why Not listen to Alex Jones and become A 911 Truther and Not buy

SuperSlashrocker says:

i got an 05 reg toyota hilux and as a 17yr old its 6800 to insure myself on
it, on my own policy.

TheGlennsUtube says:

This is a very informative video on shopping for Auto Insurance. You can
also get additional information at the Auto Insurance Outlet on the

jrpirro says:

Great tips

MrShockFish says:

I’m gonna have to pay £9,000 on a car worth £1,000

junomanx says:

Thanks for the video. Very informative.

beancube2008 says:

Insurance for automobile is about utility service and capital protection. I
prefer to use a more stable, unified and highly monitored govt program for
capital protection. As to utility service, I prefer a flexible private
operation and high availability service oriented for utility service. So we
should have two pools in auto insurance infrastructure instead of the
current insurance structure that people either have it or don’t have it.

dan awetse says:

im in canada i pay 3500 a year

mike riddle says:

You should use a car insurance comparison engine!!!! My savings totaled
$437.87 / yearly compared to my original insurance rate. I even found one
that strictly deals with discounts:

ac14081408 says:

What do you do when you get into an accident and its your fault?

1971SuperLead says:

I drive less than 1000 miles a year. I pay $600 a year to drive less than
1000 miles! Help me!!!!

Toby Pleass says:

YEAH NICE ONE/ 17 with a peugeot 206 1.1 maxing £3,000 this is ridiculous!

White0Rose says:

And if someone hits him, he’s screwed they can try and sue you for not
having it. Also it some places (I know here in Dallas TX) if you actually
get pulled over and don’t have proof of insurance they can tow your car on
the spot now. Don’t drive without insurance. Because chances are you won’t
be the idiot that hits someone, the idiot will hit you. That’s just how
life works.


Hi Your Video is quite interesing see my videos too

dsteitz1 says:

the cheapest way is to call 1-888-384-6096 and go with the folks at

irelandinsurance says:

Very few insurance companies will discount you for good grades. in fact,
I’d be very surprised if you could find any at all nowadays.

biggy5889 says:

sum free info getautoinsuranceonline.andenterprises(.org/

demokkid says:

@MonsterBudSmoke THAT’S GOOOD! in uk it’s about £2000-3000 for a 1 – 1.6
Litre car! (i’m 17)

Jake Matthews says:

fucking disgusting prices for new drivers nowadays.

Matthew Mitchener says:

This site is a scam. You enter your contact information and then it just
provides you a link to get quotes from companies you could have gone to in
the first place!

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