Insurance Facts : How to Get Cheap Car Insurance

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Get cheap car insurance by not carrying comprehensive coverage, raising the deductible or carrying lower limits of coverage. Find an auto insurance policy that has shorter coverage terms with advice from a licensed insurance salesperson in this free video on insurance.

Expert: Ned Leutz
Bio: Ned Leutz is a licensed insurance salesperson at Webber and Grinnell insurance in Northampton, Mass.
Filmmaker: David Pakman


Mirko Pipin says:

I add cars to the policy throughout the year as my current renewal runs
out, having multiple car insurance benefit me so much.more info call

Austin K. says:

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chanel2chanel says:

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Jack Grehan says:

omg i never knew that…………. wtf man

CheapCarInsuranceRD says:

Awesome video!

Sergei Bokan says:


fastwrx941 says:

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