MetLife: Car Insurance at Work

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We all love cars. It’s how we get around. But how do you protect your precious cargo on the road? You may be able to get car insurance through your workplace like how you get dental or health insurance. This means you could get great discounts and can be automatically taken right from your paycheck. See how MetLife Auto Insurance can suit your needs.

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Don Orland Samuel Lopoua bi says:

Hello, I am a student in film and I love editing I want to congrats you for
this video, it’s just amazing and persuasive
Can you please tell me which software do you choose for this editing this
kind of video ?

Thanks a lot,

Steven West says:
MetLife says:

@Mrs Styles, this song was actually composed by a music house just for our
videos, so it isn’t available for purchase or searchable on the web, etc.
We are glad to hear you like the track though!

Endlesslove1974 says:

I have absolutely no idea about what he’s talking about but I love his
face, it’s so mesmerizing!!

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