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I was hit in February and this claim is still not settled. They keep dodging me and telling me to talk to someone else then finally it was escalated to a manager 1 week ago.
They tried to say that my frame is bent and it is not also stating that my driver side is smashed and it is not. I guess I will just have to call those guys who say “In a wreck need a check?”

I think this is such a problem because USAA is the driver at fault and I also have USAA so they OBVIOUSLY don’t want to take money out of their own pockets.


David W says:

usaa sucks fucking dead sperm, how can the owner of a car not be insured
but the vehicle is, they love to fuck other people over as bad as their own
members, i hope all the assholes who work for usaa get killed in car
accidents, that would be SOO funny

Kyle Dye says:

I find it funny it says driver side and you show us the passenger side…
Just saying

swimmerB0B says:

go spend ten bucks on a small claims court service kit and serve those
sons-of-bitches with papers. they can’t use their high-powered attorneys
and you’ll get a judge or attorney pro-tem that will have to play by the
book. should you win- they can only appeal to another small claimsa judge.
let us know how you make out. its very satisfying to sue (and beat)
companies who try to screw the little guy- you’ll see…

usaabadfaith says:

Yep. I too thought USAA was a good company. We have been with USAA since
1992. My family for over 30 years. Always friendly when you are buying. Our
home was destroyed in March 2009 by storms. They rejected their preferred
roofer recommendation on how to fix it. It’s now August 2011 !!! Still no
end in sight to our nightmare. Our home, belongings, and life savings sit
in ruins, waiting to settle our claim. I hope our nightmare ends soon.

alyssaperdue92 says:

I recently was in a wreck and Usaa had my claim finished and my car
repaired all within a month, great company if you ask me. Also my SUV had
$7,000 in overall damage and the car is only worth 11,000 so they dont
total it for no reason.

juggarnaut0 says:

are you kidding… really… what other company would ever reply to you on
a YouTube comment and try to help..USAA I SALUTE YOU!!

Deborah Jemison says:

Yes, I think USAA is full of it. I was hit by a 70 to 75 year old man, who
clearly was not looking where he was going when he hit my car. They took
his word when he said that he was already on the street that I was on. I
can’t believe these people. This guy came across the parking lot and came
right into my car. Yes, I’m pissed. More pissed at USAA than anything.

fasttoys99 says:


DJ Country says:

Usaa is for military familys only so they only help military people or were
in the military. And I just signed up

USAA says:

@usaabadfaith We’d like to review the situation in order to see if there is
any way that we can help. If possible, please send a brief summary of the
situation, along with your USAA number, to us at We hope to hear from you soon.

masonracing83 says:

Good luck! They are MY insurance, my car was stolen, they dicked me around
for 6 MONTHS!!!! Divided the claim, and seriously tried to give me two
hundred something dollars for a 07 car that had 47,000 miles on it. The car
is TOTALED. So now I am sueing them for BAD FAITH. They are jerks. Good

elitegunslinger says:

Actually USAA is pretty awesome, they just hate Geo Prisms.

melora72 . says:

They told me that the tests they ran in the hospital after an accident are
not related to the accident. They won’t pay a penny of the $4700.

masonracing83 says:

There is A LOT to my story, but the best part is USAA denied my THEFT claim
because they “reviewed all the evidence and it didn’t meet the
classification of a theft” what? lol. They did this BEFORE the STATE
TROOPER even had his INVESTIGATION FINISHED or his REPORT written!!! What
evidence did they have? lmao! And the guy that stole it is obviously a bad
dude, has been in JAIL over this, and one of the managers at USAA was left
speechless by that news. lol

swimmerB0B says:

well, they advertise all over youtube, so they are monitoring it as well.
why the hell WOULDN’T they try to save face with a direct reply?? you’re
pretty easily impressed, aren’t ya? a good auto insurance company doesn’t
need to advertise at all- let alone in an entertainment-based medium such
as YT. i’m disappointed to see my company- WAWANESA MUTUAL (a CALIFORNIA
company doing business in CALIFORNIA) resorting to advertising on local TV
here in san diego. much lower premium rates than usaa.

swimmerB0B says:

bullshit. if your uncle, cousin, sister or grandfather, or other relative
is/was a veteran (pronounced vet’ er an), you qualify. think about it-
that’s damn near everyone. now, don’t you feel special paying higher

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