Nationwide Auto Insurance Commercial “Bank Brat”

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“Life comes at you fast!” in this funny insurance commercial that takes place in a bank.


PRC Romania says:

Nationwide Auto Insurance Commercial “Bank Brat”´╗┐

kaylin Files says:

The boy is my little cousin! His name is Eathan´╗┐

weapontheory says:

I don’t get it, if a tube can go up without flying out, how come the other
objects went flying?

ivette32152 says:

its juist a little kid theres no need to “beat his ass” and if you do i
beat yours :)

Sam Petwr says:

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toobraider says:

This commercial is a mess. I guess dumb-dumb couldn’t just pull off once
his car was hit the first time? Jeez, they could’ve at least made it look
like his car stalled or something…and they killed the joke by allowing
the car to get hit over and over and over and over and over again…poor
marketing campaign…booo!

Proudps3owner5 says:

Finally found it I love this commercial

VelvetKev0rkian says:

its nationpam dude get the name right

mariamqwert says:

=O =O

cwhat32 says:

wow that guy is cute

juniperacid says:

for some odd reason i find this hilarious, this is the best commercial

Andy B says:

That little boy is so precious. I bet he’s just as fun in real life. :)
Troublemaker. Heh. :)

Hunter Hyena says:

Man I fucking hate this commercial. Wouldn’t theenvolope in the cylinder
shoot out too? Also I’d beat that kids ass till it’s bleeding if he did
that to my car or if I was his parent.

lyonb1 says:

i saw ths commercial a few days ago while i was at work… as a nanny for 3
very curious kids. i can so see them doin this! i laughed so hard my tummy
hurt and my kids thought i was nuts! lol

Kevin Atkins says:

this commercial is funny as hell

bailarconmigo says:

NATIONWIDE IS ON UR SIDE! hahahaa good commerical :)

83pea says:

The fucking jingle song scares the hell out of me. That’s some creepy
vibrato on the voice.

darklink1121 says:

I miss this commercial

mysticalelf233 says:

lol i luv this commerical so funny, that looks so fun too, gotta remember
to bring my sheild next time i go to the bank ^_^

Philip Katsadouros says:

it was a question

Aunti Christ-ine says:

The kid’s a living doll. Gonna be a heartbreaker when he grows up! And
who’s the guy in the car? He looks like a young Martin Lewis (Beatles
historian), hahaa.

pivotmasterDM1 says:

this is basically what happened: guy in car: WTF?! who shot pens at me? i
could call nationwide, and have them look high and low for loopholes to get
out of giving me a claim, or i could call the police, have whoever did that
arrested, and have the cops force them to give me a claim…better call

Aster Guarionex says:

I just love this commercial. Had me laughing out loud the first tie I saw
it. And it still does each tine I see it.

thebritishyankee says:

calm down…….

OrangeCones says:

If my car were bombarded with objects via a pneumatic tube while I was
sitting outside a bank, I wouldn’t bother my insurance company–I would sue
the bank AND the bank teller. “Watch Mommy file for Chapter 11!”

StonysBabyLove says:

OMG LMFAO I work in banks and had a step son that was like this but it is
hella funny none the less.

x1337m4573r says:


luigithe42nd says:

what a great mother

harib0b0y says:

not relly funny what is that thing anyway??

Hannah Davis says:

lmao i cant stop laughing…thats pretty funny!

tpirman1982 says:

Our bank where we go has that same Diebold pneumatic bank tube seen @ 0:02

Hunter Hyena says:

There’s a difference between a kid crying at the movies and a kid launching
millions of death items at your car.

railroadlover says:

The First Time i Saw this i was laughing so hard i couldnt breath… I know
someone that this happened to. Not to that extent but they had the tube fly
though the car.

Troy1967 says:

Don’t try this at home. Do NOT attempt.

ken blaze says:

FUNNY commercial i just seen a few secs ago so i went to youtube to see if
it wa shere and thus here i am!

ivette32152 says:

its just a commercial i would’t want to see you at the movies!

PKBitchGirl says:

Probably mustard, it’s too liquid looking to be cheese

kawaiiTeru4 says:

Kids are murdering machines.

Snuggletummy says:

When I fisrt saw that commercial, I thought “If I was that guy, I would
kill that kid.”

jimora16 says:

bad azz lil boy lol love this commercial

CrazyxBeautifulx21 says:

what city/state is that?

nybroncos1994 says:


thegreenhornet95 says:

@ceeleed Of course. He’s just acting out a part. And like anyone at work,
he has a boss telling him that’s part of the script/job. And he probably
makes more money than most of us will ever make in an entire lifetime. LOL
And everytime they show that commercial, he gets a paycheck. Kids who play
mischievious parts, usually aren’t in real life. In fact, most of them are
the nicest kids you’ll ever want to know.

HottieSuperBom says:


ivette32152 says:

of course i would be dissapointed but i wuoldnt beat his ass he is just a
little curios kid :)

cartoonfreak11392 says:

AHHAHHA! This commercial is great! i laughed so hard i cried! lol! and its
an insurance commercial! XD

Peter Thornton says:

Too bad this guy will never get a claim paid by Nationwide. They will find
a loophole somewhere and avoid the claim. They did for me.

VideoSuperMaster says:

That kid could use a good beating.

rocketmanfan12 says:

what is the name of the song in the beginning?

Nationwide says:

Thanks for posting we love this one too!

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