RAC Car Insurance – Self Service Centre Help Film

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Short video guide for RAC Car Insurance customers which explains how to use the ‘Self Service Centre,’ allowing you to make changes online.


sKyLeRz82 says:

There no picture wivya documentary onya video ! Ridiculous !!!

Mark Molloy says:

they want to charge you £25 for moving address. Thats if you do it yourself
online. Pathetic. really really really crap. 

Mike Commins says:

RAC website doesn’t allow you to cancel a policy. Ask the question ‘cancel
policy’ and there is no response. Typical. I’m cancelling anyway, but I
have to talk to them. Makes me mad.

John Doe says:

RAC Your a feckin disgrace! Your chargeable phone number should be free.
You kept me waiting 35 minutes You thieves! You got my policy wrong and I
end up having to pay the phone call.
Catch yourselves on! You should have an email address on your self serve
site. Self serve my arse! Wankers! Going back to AA. 

Rac Breakdown says:

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