Very Cheap Auto Insurance -Tips That Guarantee Affordable Car Insurance Rates

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There are a lot of factors you have to take into consideration if you plan to attract very cheap auto insurance rates. Here are some of them…

1. Good drivers get a special discount known as the good driver discount. If you have stayed claims-free for more than three years, you are entitled to this discount.

What if your insurer refuses to give you this discount?

Then tell them you will move over to another insurer. Any driver with a history as good as yours shouldn’t have any problems getting much lower rates — You are every insurer’s dream.

The mere threat of leaving should make them shift grounds. But if they don’t, look for another insurer.

2. Where you leave is also very important if you want to get more affordable rates. That’s why insurers will always ask for your zip code.

Accidents are far more likely in densely populated cities than rural areas. The same also applies to things like break ins and vandalism.

Different areas in the same city also have different risk threats: Car theft rate (especially for your particular vehicle), crash rate and so on.

Therefore, check things like these if you are shopping for a new home

3. Go for the minimum bodily injury liability coverage stipulated by your state’s law if you want to get very cheap auto insurance rates. However, in addition, get an umbrella policy.

An umbrella policy gives you far more liability coverage per dollar spent than even the most extensive liability coverage within an auto insurance policy. An example will buttress this point…

Let’s assume that a man of about 35 years (who lives in New York City) wants to increase his policy’s bodily injury liability coverage of $25,000/$50,000 to $100,000/$300,000…

He’ll have to spend about $300 extra in premium.

But compare this to the fact that he could get a $1 million umbrella policy for just less than $300.

It even gets better…

If he chooses to raise the coverage amount of his umbrella policy to $2 million dollars, he’ll only have to pay only $75 more.

That’s $375 for $2 million worth of liability coverage!

See? That’s superior coverage at a much cheaper rate — That’s the advantage in adding an umbrella policy instead.

But why should you care about bodily in an auto insurance policy?

People get hurt in accidents. And you will be responsible for the claims awarded if you are found to be at fault. Claims awarded could get into the million dollar range and above in certain cases

And did you know that lawyers can go after your assets if you don’t have enough liability coverage to take care of claims awarded against you? This means you could easily lose your life savings and even your home if you don’t have the right protection.

But that’s NOT all about the benefits associated with an umbrella policy…

…You also get liability coverage that extends beyond automobile related liability claims. An umbrella policy extends to your home and much more

4. Belonging to certain professions attracts a discount. An engineer, for example, attracts much cheaper car insurance rates than an engineer. The reason for such discounts is that some professions have been proven to be better risks

Your agent is in a good position to tell you if your occupation is eligible for certain discounts. Nevertheless, the discount you’ll be given varies from company to company

5. Maintaining more than one policy with the same carrier also attracts remarkable savings. All you must do to qualify for this is to purchase your auto insurance policy from the same insurance carrier who is underwriting, say, your home insurance.

However, take note of the following…

Because an insurance provider gave you cheap rates for one policy doesn’t mean they will for another. Do some research with quotes sites and then discuss with your agent. Thereafter, you’ll be sure as you make your choice because you’ll then know which is more beneficial

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