In October of 2013, we discussed the reasons why real estate agents need professional liability insurance. It’s quite common for your real estate clients to face legal problems given today’s litigious society. For this reason, [More]
Professional Liability insurance, also known as Errors & Omissions (E&O) coverage, protects you if you’re sued for the work or advice provided by your business. It’s designed to protect you for allegations involving breach of [More] Save 20% on professional indemnity insurance online. 350+ types of small businesses insured just like yours. Call for expert advice or click for quote.Tailor your professional indemnity cover & save 20% when you buy [More]
For more information visit our website: As part of our liability insurance video series this video looks at professional liability. This protection is vital to many professions that give advice or provide a service [More] The scope of insurance professional indemnity insurance quote is always difficult to understand the question. If you are aware of this field then you must have heard a lot about professional liability insurance. It [More]
Errors and Omissions insurance is not only needed for a professional service business but may also be necessary if you are regularly giving advice or recommendations to customers, clients or another party. Law suits may [More]
As attorneys, you’re on the front line providing a broad range of legal services and advice that involves family law, civil litigation, trusts and estates, business contracts and more. As such, you’re held to a [More]
Learn about professional indemnity insurance in this explanation from Steve Smith, Director at Ashburnham Insurance Services Ltd, alongside the benefits it provides people with. To compare professional indemnity cover quotes for yourself, please visit our [More]
Business professionals who offer advice or service for a fee, or even on a non-profit basis, are constantly at risk. Your attorney clients are no exception. Attorneys and lawyers are trusted to provide counseling and [More]