A Trip to Zurich – English Travel Guide HD

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Hi, my name is Phil from the german travel blog www.killerwal.com. Today I’m gonna take you to Zurich, which is the capital of the canton of Zurich in Switzerland but not of Switzerland itself, which has no capital city at all.

The city of Zurich has approximately 400,000 inhabitants, is the largest city in Switzerland and has a population density of approximately 4300 inhabitants per square kilometer. Zurich is the most important economic, scientific and social center of Switzerland. The city lies in the eastern Swiss Plateau, on the Lake Zurich. Its inhabitants are called “Zürcher”.

For years, Zurich is one of the cities with the highest quality of life and listed the highest cost of living simultaneously. Since 2012, Zurich is regarded as the most expensive city in the world, followed by Tokyo and Geneva.

With its main railway station, the largest station in Switzerland , and the airport, the city of Zurich is a continental transportation hub and thanks to the local big banks (including UBS and Credit Suisse ) and insurances (Zurich Insurance Group and Swiss Re) an international financial center and the largest financial center Switzerland, followed by Geneva and Lugano. Despite the relatively small population Zurich is therefore considered one of the world’s cities. Above average number of media companies , including Swiss radio and television, have their headquarters here Thanks to its location on Lake Zurich and its well-preserved medieval center and a wide range of cultural attractions and nightlife, it is also a center of Swiss Tourism.

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Phil Klever says:

Zurich Video Travel Guide – now available in english!
#travalogue #videoguide #zurich

Phil Klever says:

Watch my english travel guide to Zurich on YouTube.

#Zurich #Switzerland 

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Zurich Video Travel Guide – now available in english!
#travalogue #videoguide #zurich

Phil Klever says:
iridium dfg says:

no capital city??? BERN!!!

Monica Giorgi says:

oslo is the most expensive city the world!!!

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