Dave Ramsey, Life Insurance, Credit, the ACA and Other Things He got Wrong

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Dave Ramsey’s life insurance advice, credit advice, misleading illustrations of compound interest and just general ignorance on many issues, all outlined in this compilation. In this video, you can clearly hear Dave Ramsey promote the concept of pyramid schemes/MLM as a legitimate business model, which is incredible since he explains them quite well.

I couldn’t find a video clip of it, but Dave Ramsey once said on his show that mutual funds always beat the S & P, this is not only entirely false, but outrageously stupid.


Josh Darville says:

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Josh Darville says:

Have you gone through FPU? You clearly took some time to set up this
video… and it’s also clear your goal for doing so is to sell life
insurance. Might it not be better to align yourself with his rather large
following, then bash him and generate a negative response and then you
yourself are hoping for a positive response. Just saying, marketing wise,
you may catch people who hate dave ramsey, but if they are already saying
no… it’s going to be hard to get them to say yes to you. 

Adri San says:

Bill Gates pays more tax in one day than you ever will in your lifetime. I
think DR was referring to Bill Gates paying MORE than he does already. I
don’t agree with everything he says, but DR has helped millions to get out
of debt and that’s a fact.

Cdogbillionaire says:

If everyone pays taxes, then why should Bill Gates be exempt? Nonsense. The
only thing to take away from Dave Ramsey is his envelope system and his
sinking fund for expenses. Apart from that he can go jump in the lake

YourLifeSolution.com says:
jsexton73 says:

I’ve never seen somebody miss the point and the context of what Dave Ramsey
has said worse than you. You should just voice over the video and insert
your own opinions if you’re going to twist everything he said. Not to
mention you’re biased…life insurance salesperson

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