GTA 5 Glitches – Insane Insurance Glitch – Free Super Cars on GTA 5 Online (GTA V Online)

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GTA 5 Glitches – Insane Insurance Glitch – Free Super Cars – Insure Any Car (GTA V Online) Get any Super Car free in GTA 5 Online with this insane insurance glitch . This insurance glitch allows you to get free High Life DLC Cars as well.
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“How To Bring Super Cars From Singleplayer To Online FREE” XBOX:

“How To Bring Super Cars From Singleplayer To Online FREE” PS3:


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Zephyr says:

Anyone have the Roosevelt on PS3? I’ll trade you my Zentorno for it.

TCMODS says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Jaba5567 says:

People still play this?

And_ InVader says:

can someone help me out please with this glitch? psn: ScreamingPanthra

Jake Kaim says:

Dont’t do glitches anymore guys 20 june will be a cleaning in gta and there
is a big chance for deranking or banning if you are a glitcher

Emmanuel Chan says:

do you have to a friend to send an invite or can u have like a job from

Paradox Doge says:

It takes the price of the car you replaced it with.

jurome sabado says:

im sorry but im unsubbing for no reason i quit gta

baden vonstanke says:

No my car is gone now ohh :(

omgurheadsgone says:
Nerdy Ted says:

Why didn’t you just use the futo instead of the voltic, lol?

Joseph O'Brien says:

How do u do it with a 6 car garage

mouleagaufres says:

Can you confirm that this glitch still works ? I’m trying and no way to
walk properly.

G Bell says:

Doesn’t work on ps3 you just get trapped in the garage glitching out

Ben Lim says:

Stop showing glitch or rockstar will not make heist come out

ahmed elsarraj says:

Can this work with the space docker??

Rashad says:

This has been out for about a month

Jake Torres says:

First. To actually watch the video before commenting. 

Yadiel Ojeda says:

Does the glitch still work

Donald Singh says:

If you Insurance go to for Auto Home And Business
or the link below

Karlos Karlon says:

can anyone with the Roosevelt help me out Psn: L_ROKE

Jake Kaim says:

Why are youtuber showing glitches never getting banned????

Wira Danial says:

Will I get banned if I do to much glitches because my friend did rp glitch
and money glitch and rockstar changed his level from 179 to 10

TheTxKilla1 says:

It only sells for half a mil I have mine fully upgraded

devantehill1 says:

Add me on psn lildhill I wanna do this glitch soo bad

RyDan says:

Have you not got banned with the amount of glitches and money glitches
you’ve been doing. My friend done it and got banned for 1 week.

Im Supa says:

Does anybody want to join my Crew on GTA Online? It’s called
‘WeAreSynchronised’ If interested in joining add either ‘OhSupa’ or
‘TheCirclePigeon’ On xbox live.

shabeer wahed says:

Does this still works?

Gregory Peralta says:

Hey man. I wanna do some videos with you. I’m on xbox. I play gta 5 most of
the time. 

XBOXPlayer67 says:

hello once asked how to get the mods in gta 5 online have xbox360 with
greetings from Germany dirk

hallo mal eine frage wie bekommt man die mods in gta 5 online habe xbox360
mit LT3.0
grüsse aus deutschland dirk

MACKI King says:

Is this Glitch need In another Session

Alex Lara says:

I know one hacker dat can bring iron man or hulk on gta 5 like modded stuff
he doesn’t YouTube it cuz he doesn’t want to get caught by rockstar … he
didn’t wanna tell me how he did it sucks

Joe Vargovich says:

Can someone help me with this? GT: Blackbeltman2D

Jr Yazzie says:

what kind of car is that

Apple man says:

i saw a ufo

Kyle Carpenter says:

psn EazyHavoc also have a mic

battletecboy11 says:

We’re did it go wrong we’re you turned into a glitcher.

kieran pelletier says:

I love u thanks for making vids 

Tyler Tischer says:

I requested to join theheadlessarmy

Justin Robustelli says:

I was in you session but then you left I am in your crew my gamer tag is
OverripeStraw37 also can I be in a video

EpIc G4M3R5 says:

I would have paid for the insurance by now. 

TheShadowfire204 says:

I dont live in any of those apartments. Also how the hell do you even get a
zentorno with no money and where do you even go?

kodee kay says:

I done it right now now im spawning all over the pkace and I cant move its
just spawning me wat the freak

Popcorn247100 says:

Psn only ↘️↘️↘️

Mostafa Mohamed says:


Josh Walsh says:

Psn spots pier

DJMahzzy says:

Please can someone help? I do the glitch all through untill I insure go in
to a race back out and I’m just stuck in my entrance of garage please help
gamertag mah-dude786 ps3


It is not worth that much

Al Inama says:

I did in open lobby and everything right but do some weird glitch in the
middle of the garage.

ROAR™ Music says:

Checkout my channel :)
Nice upload headless !

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