How to Get Away with Stealing

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Learn how easy it is to make fake passports and scam the rich into trusting you with thousands of dollars.

If the fraud industry were its own country, it would have the fifth strongest economy in the world, just ahead of the UK. Come and meet the fraudsters who’re making a killing from the fastest growing crime on Earth.

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SteveDGamer says:

It’s easy but can you live with guilt and the fear of getting caught? or
would you rather earn money and live healthy without the guilt or fear?
it’s your choice and your life. 

Ryan Polo says:

this guy is a low level crim living in a shitty housing estate with a
junkie girlfriend and hes been to jail, title says how to get away with
stealing not how to be a dole bludger with a junkie missus and do little

Telekine5i5 says:

i was a horrible thief but this video made me like in to Ali Baba

Krumple Themal says:

“How to Get Away with Stealing”

just become a politician..

MechRoosterHat says:

That dudes wifes’ laugh though! sounds like a disgusting no teeth 40 year
old meth and cocaine addicted slut laugh.

Nathan Hromanik says:

24:11 That ending was great! The way his wife reacted was hysterical. 

Mikhail Smirov says:

Did he use pencil shavings as filler in his weed? WTF?

anythingyouwant29 says:

The biggest fraudsters are politicians, oil companies and wankers, I mean
Bankers but same thing really.

chad muska says:

I don’t have much money, nor come from a well off family, and the thought
of cheating people, or stealing from anyone has never even crossed my mind.
There is no honor in crime. There is no dignity in crime. There is no class
in crime. Innocent people do not deserve to have their lives ruined in any
which way. I will go to my grave knowing I never harmed any soul on this
earth, because I only wish to lead a life as a man of integrity…even if
that means I don’t have the fancy cars, or the nice clothes or the loads of

Robert Presti says:

Niggers every where you go! Every country. Problem is people if all colors
today are niggers.

TurzMC says:

stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, nice

BTechTalk says:

I’m from Slovenia… lol 

Ash Liu says:

im sorry, but that passport looks like shit. 

Paul Hogan says:

“i wouldn’t get out of bed for $5000″

meanwhile the slut can’t afford a proper haircut, sitting on a $50 couch in
some run down house commission. Actually i bet she is dead now from OD

Jak ESS says:

Since watching this i have defrauded several London based companies. cheers
vice lol

Jack Bauer says:

Who was that blonde slut tho? 

Gogito says:

I recently got robbed a while back but the person didn’t get away with it.

joseph raccuia says:

Even listening to the people in this video nearly made me vomit. They can
hardly even speak they are so dumb. Not only are they intellectually
unintelligent, they are emotionally and socially unitelligent. I wish I was
the ruler of the world. I’d be builing a lottttttt of jails ( well
designed, run and maintained). Because I’d be putting a lottttttt of people
behind bars with no chance of parole.

TREV. says:

This fucking nuggets a petty crim with market stall clothes,and his bitch
is a spunk slurper.

pieter koen says:

lol i knew this when i was 13years old when some tards scammedme with
hacked pps , than i realised it how easy it is to commit fraud and get away
with it.

Jake Deane says:

Criminals are the scum of the earth

Miss McQueen says:

All that money and they act, speak and go about like tramp’s?? Money really
cannot buy class. 

reyad ashram says:

you are doing somethind wrong this video has to be deleted or you will be

Zen Kazeno says:

The best way to get cash is to WORK for it!!! B*t€h it’s that easy!!!

Hoshi Minj says:

scum is proud to be scum. 

Roxanne Lipz says:

Alot people need to rip up there paper up with there information on it,
when they throw it in the trash

Manuel Luis says:

You can steal in many ways and be worshipped for it : millions of $$€€$$$$.
. Factory manager , . Bank diretor , . I. R. S. agent , . Hotel manager , .
priest , . accountable , . Financial secretary , . Policeman , . Fire big
shot , bartender , maitre’D , Head-waiter , prime-minister , president ,
King , you name it . They’re easy to spot : for the life-style :
W A Y – T O O – M U C H – “a la mode de Palais de Versailles” . 

myles says:

That’s terrible there gonna have such bad karma..

Worlds Greatest Mane says:

@ 1:34 “People don’t want to appear silly” says the man with the goofiest
fucking disguise I’ve ever seen.

Smokie McPot says:



Guess Who says:

I would thoroughly enjoy driving my car over top these idiots…..funny
they want us to believe they’ve stolen 100s in thousands and live in a big
house etc. yet all the time they troll around in a neighborhood that looks
like hell… wonder they live i a third world lmao…..go fuck

Princesstheh'-os Williams says:

If you steal that much money, donate it to charity.

ian elley says:

Get a job in a bank !!

Gaëtan G says:

“People don’t want to appear silly” Oh yeah, you look very believable !

Jonas Cheah says:

LoL’ed at the Nigerian troll music video.

rj doggman says:

This shit dont work nowadays. Inless you have ppl on the inside. But you
can accomplish anything if you have ppl on the inside,other then
that,there’s way too many security features on everything these days.

IMN69 says:

20:21 Awww, the blonde looks disappointed when she finds out he’s not a
milkman. :

The Rape Monkey says:

Why didnt that one guy get his face blurred out?

rayva1 says:

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

NoOneImportant556 says:

What a douche.. Commits a crime.

Then sets it up to bust everyone else doing it because he got caught.

Immortal Assassin says:

This man looks like Penguin in BATMAN series :v

bladethrower9000 says:

She’s never robbed anybody, but if she had some paperwork that could get
her money from a bank that’s okay?

That’s robbing somebody -.-

angelicus696 says:

Straight A students from the world’s top universities often become
professors and academics making enough money just to get by. It’s the C
students who are forbes 100 CEOs. You don’t need intellectual intelligence,
you need only to be aware of how the world functions and how people work,
then you can legally (by leveraging high status social capital) or
illegally scam (through low status social capital) your way to the top.

Sanloms lomsdal says:

how the fuck Do these men not get caugth by the goverment? I mean like,
When he owned a huge house and had a lot of expensive shit, no one stopped
to think about how he could afford all this stuff? his family wasnt rich at
all, he had a shitty education and no job/dead end job. Wow, the Goverment
really dont give a shit do they? USA and England are worse than fcking
russia waow

sunairjet says:

English people are so embarrassing

Relay Blaiz/Joined Relay Unit at 2.8k says:

This is bs 

Austin Smith says:

Do you think the government feel guilty for taxing our wages, taxing
everything you can possibly spend your money on. Then if one of your family
members die god forbid and you have to then pay inheritance tax on their
already taxed money to be now your money. Just a thought people

Name Lastname says:

why would u fake a passport when u could just apply for one?

Evan Ding says:

What i dont understand is why these people arent being chased down by the

Pikachudreams says:

like robinhood in a way

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