Lesson on “Understanding Credit” by CEO Corey Gray – Boca Raton Credit Repair Company

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Corey Gray, Founder and CEO of Credit Assistance Network gives a candid 45 minute lesson on understanding credit, building credit and credit repair.

If you are not familiar with Corey Gray or Credit Assistance Network, take a few minutes to research them. You will find they are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau, accredited members of NACSO “National Association of Credit Services Organizations”, members of the Chamber of Commerce, Trustlink 5 star rated, they are licensed, bonded and located in Boca Raton Florida.

You can learn more by call (800) 811-3078 or visiting www.CreditAgenda.com.

Their office is open from 11-8pm EST Mon-Friday and 11-4 on Saturday and welcome to walk ins. For fast service it’s a good idea to call ahead of time and schedule an appointment.

Please Note: Credit Assistance Network does not do business in Georgia, Iowa, South Carolina or Colorado. If you would like a referral to a company that may be able to help, feel free to call.

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Greg B says:

I have one credit card and I have one monthly transaction per month. Dollar
shave club I pay it every month on time no interest rates this will build
my credit right?
I make no other charges on this cc and my limit is $500.

Steve Patterson says:

Well done! I’ve been amazed at how many people don’t understand credit at
all or who don’t lack understand the basics of a car loan, ,house loan,
etc. Great job

Work From Home - Change Your Life 4 Ever says:

why don’t you take a second job like me?

Lawrence Wilson says:

Credit always seemed confusing to me. This video really helped me
understand credit clearly. 

Sterenk Blejanissa says:

Thanks for the help so far. Tory, Mike and Elizabeth have been great. I
would like to stop in and meet Corey one of these days. 

Luke Foster says:

The fair credit reporting act is a powerful legal tool anyone can use to
repair their credit. It really just depends on how persistent you are, as
Corey pointed out. 

Claude Davis says:

The beginning of the video has a lot of self promotion, understandably as
you took the time to thoroughly explain the ins and outs of understanding
credit, and you need to make a buck, but the middle to the end of the video
has an array of quality content about every aspect of your credit report
and scores. I would like to point out that credit assistance network really
does have an impeccable track record and was the most reputable credit
repair company I have researched thus far. I will be calling for a
consultation later today. 

Craig Morgan says:

Are there any coupon codes or promo codes or discounts I can use to get a
break on pricing?

Shukriyya Nawalys says:

I have a Federal Student loan that wont go away. Its been following me for
20 years and i dont think I will ever be able to pay it. Is there something
your company can do to help me?

Phillip stanzford says:

If a person is looking to rebuild their credit, how long will that take?

Lionel Ainsworth says:

I have been working on building my credit. Some of the tips Corey spoke
about changed my outlook on what I was doing. Specifically, balance to
limit ratios, oldest credit card accounts and piggybacking.really great
credit repair tips also.

scottpolston99 says:

Repairing your credit and building credit scores is explained very good in
this video.

Paul510Edvin says:

I find the laws surrounding credit to be fascinating. The credit bureaus
are bound by these laws yet, they often evade them. The FCRA for instance,
it has been around for 30 years and will never go away even with all the
lobbyists they pay for, consumers have the right to dispute negative
information and the right to remove it if it cant be verified. Excellent
videos on this channel, this one particularly. 

Nicolas Lombaerts says:

After seeing this video, I simply had to meet Corey Gray – I took a 2 hour
drive to Boca Raton and unannounced I went to his office building. I was
thoroughly impressed by his staff, his operation and most importantly the
time he took to sit down with me and review my credit reports. He spent
over an hour dissecting my situation. It turns out that there were just a
few small problems that were preventing me and my wife from getting
approved for a home loan. Instead of signing me up and charging me (which I
was eager to do) he gave me some good advice and had his secretary type up
a simple validation letter free of charge. (WOW!) need a say more? Not only
did his advice work, but now, 6 months later I was just approved for a
400,000 home at a 2.9% rate. I don’t know how else to thank Corey and his
team for the amazing human beings they were to me. I will be referring all
my friends and family forever. THANK YOU!

trang nguyen says:

The FCRA allowed you to respond to inaccurate data, but it wasn’t until
FACTA that the bureaus were forced to give consumers 1 free credit report a
year for the purpose of monitoring it for inaccuracies.

DL Polat says:

Most of the video was promoting his business.

harry leonard says:

I learned a lot by watching your video. Thanks for the credit advice.

Sterenk Blejanissa says:

Thanks for the help so far. Tory, Mike and Elizabeth have been great. I
would like to stop in and meet Corey one of these days. 

De Bruyne says:

Killer information on the statute of limitations of debt collection. No one
has been able to explain it that well and make it make sense like him. 

Andy Warrington says:

Excellent video and explanation on piggybacking credit cards.

Marc Joseph says:

Really long, but educational credit video.

Selma Peronne says:

I have been working hard to repair my credit and I want to learn how I am
doing. I need to order a credit report but I have heard doing so can
actually hurt my credit. Is that true?

stan Tuchi says:

One of the better, if not the best videos I have watched on credit repair.
I compliment you.

Kari Arnason says:

Right on dude!

cassie sanchez says:

So important to have good credit. Thanks for the credit advice here.

Andrew Nicholas says:

Thanks! I’ve been watching several videos and they all pretty much say the
same thing. I have a low credit score but I have three fairly new unsecured
credit cards with no monthly fee. Two were pre-approved by my bank. And
then I applied and received a credit card from another bank! So now I
finally know how to properly use credit cards! :)

Andre Cantata says:

A friend refered me to you. Wanted to learn a little more about you and
your company before I scheduled a visit. This video sealed the deal, so to
speak. You seems to be highly professional and best of all real know your
“stuff” when it comes to credit repair, which I need. You will be hearing
from me.

David Allenz says:

Really glad I came across your video and took the time to watch. I was
looking for credible credit repair advice and found it here. This was very
thorough and helpful.

parnellrbts says:

I am quite impressed with your profesionalism and knowledge of the subject
matter. Looks like I have found the right person/company to help me with
my credit repair needs.

zack tanner says:

I am looking for credit improvement and I learned a lot about your company
and how you can help me in this video. Great that you posted this. It
answered a lot of my questions.

Tara Willitz says:

If younger person wants to build credit. What is the best thing to do to

Adam Collin says:

Hello, I am in the United States. I love what you said and the information
is ok. But how long would it take for me to fix my credit. I paid off most
but it still keeps coming up on the report. So can you still help me? Your
price is cheap compared to the ones I paid in the past. Thank you.

joy wistler says:

Impressive that your company has had zero complaints.

Dries Mertens says:

What advice do you have for me? I think I have been a victim of identity
theft and worried that my identity has been stolen. I think this because
when I apply for credit, the dealership said that I have some debts that
are very high and I am certain they don’t belong to me. Please, any advice
would help. I know absolutely nothing about credit until a few minutes ago
after watching your video. Thank you…

FreeCreditScoreCheck says:

Is this some kind of seminar recording? Good stuff

Marcelo Torres says:

Excellent Video

Matthew Savoy says:

My score went up 110 points in less than 2 months

Paid off my debts, Got 3 secure Credit Cards 

Barbados Bahama says:


Jennifer Quinones says:

Getting proactive at repairing, correcting, and understanding the credit
report & the algorithms used in scoring is so important when starting over.
I fixed several items that were hurting my score and it jumped 80 points.
Great educational video. Thanks.

Jennifer Quinones, Boca Raton

creditagenda says:
Ashley Dietz says:

Great video! So informative. Thank you Corey!

Credit Repair Pro says:

Great advice for getting started with credit repair.

Ashley Dietz says:

Smart and good looking! : )

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