Tips on How To Get Around During Your Vacation in Mexico – Advice on Car Rental Insurance

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Close is on the ground in Mexico and we know all the various ways for you to get around during your vacation in Mexico. There are some very “colorful” ways to see the sights and some traditional ways. Also, GREAT ADVICE ON RENTAL CAR INSURANCE! Check out this video from Loco Gringo’s Kay Walten and visit us at to take care of all of your travel arrangements for your vacation in Mexico!

How do you get around the Riviera Maya? Well, you have several options. If you’re coming in to the Cancun airport, one of the easiest is an airport transfer. They can take you right to the place that you’re staying. You can take a bus, up and down the coastline and there are lots of first class buses that are easily found. You can take them and they usually run on the hour. Now, if you want a more cultural experience, you want to take a Colectivo. What a Colectivo is, it’s like a Volkswagon mini bus or mini van and everybody piles into it and they put a lot of people into it and you pay like 15 pesos and they make various stops up and down the highway. Now if you take this to the area that you’re staying, be prepared that you have to walk from the highway than in from the beach. They are not going to take you door to door. Now taxis can be pricey, but you can easily flag a taxi anywhere. When I’m in Playa Del Carmen, I usually park my car and then I take a taxi and zip around wherever I need to go; be it restaurant or shopping because I don’t want to have to look for a parking space. And there’s car rentals. You can rent a car and a lot of people ask us. Then there’s small places that you can rent from that are out of Cancun or you can go with a Hertz, Avis, Executive, none of them are commercial endorsements, but you can go with any of those big agencies too.

Now one question we get asked all the time is about insurance. Do I really need that car insurance? Well, it’s like having house insurance. You don’t like having it, but you’re really glad that when you need it, you’ve got it. I will say with car insurance, it will cost you, sometimes more than the rental itself, but if you, God forbid have an accident or something happens, you’re going to be really happy to have that car insurance. If you have a problem with that car, you get dinged or banged up and you go to leave the country to catch your flight home, if there’s something wrong, they’re going to tie you up at that rental office and they’re going to make you pay the damages on that car. No matter what your credit cards tell you; VISA says: ‘Oh it’s covered by your insurance’. Well no, the car rental company is going to say: ‘You know what, you can pay cash for it right now and then sort it out with your credit card company when you


Zoe Florence says:

Thanks for informative video. i would be contact you when i will visit

Kay Walten says:

Yes the driver will stop, but it has to be a planned stop and there is an
extra charge. If you are booking your transfer through LocoGringo drop us a
note that you need a grocery stop! ;-)

Kay Walten says:

Most transportation companies keep an eye on late flights. Since I cannot
speak for all the transfer companies, I would say you may want to check
with them on their procedures. I know the transfer company Loco Gringo
works with checks flight status on arrivals.

vodanhbokinhvan says:

Im checking out all your videos!

Kay Walten says:

If you are looking at the airport transfer service LocoGringo uses, it is a
price per vehicle. Let me know what you need and I can help point you in
the right direction.

m leeds says:

Wow. I think im in love!

TehCritiiQue says:

Great advice, Kay! I always wondered about the rental car insurance in

Kay Walten says:

Cash, in pesos or US dollars.

Kay Walten says:

I would not tip a bus driver. If it is a private transfer, then yes I would
tip them.

Phat Pham says:

One of my favorite video

Alex Leim says:

Is the price per vehicle or per person?

Kay Walten says:

Hitch hiking is always a gamble.

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