Obamacare: The BIGGEST Mistake You Can Make When Choosing a Health Insurance Plan

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This video discusses a huge problem that has been seen nationwide with the new Obamacare health plan (and it isn’t the Obamacare website). It is the fact that so many new enrollments seem to just be picking the cheapest monthly premium package instead of looking at all of the variables. Most importantly, the deductible that goes with that package.

This video gives some specific examples that what some Americans are paying per month and also what the corresponding deductible is.

Keep in mind, the most important thing to do when picking your health insurance plan is to find out the TOTAL cost of owning that obamacare plan, not just the monthly premium.

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Roody Louis says:

This is really wrong they gonna seize tax return from the poor people
giving them more hell and cancer on brain while the disguise evils still
selling insurance very expensive,when they die their money will be on their

Taina Matei says:

Higher deductibles=lower monthly premiums, vice versa 

Hot Lead retired says:

I bought the best plan my county offered BC/BS GOLD plan cost $427.00 a
month with dental for two adults. Next Jan. it will drop to $225.00 a month
because I recieved a lump some payment from work when I retired and it
raised my income for this year. In Jan 2015 it will be based strictly on my
retirement pension. Another thing I learned is my state doesn’t count
homes, cars, or retirement as income and they want me to sign up for
$200.00 dollars of month in food stamps or SNAP, it’s crazy. It’s against
everything I believed in, but they make it easy for you. That’s if I don’t
work of course. If I decide to take snap I would buy nothing but steaks and
pork ribs with it, because I throw a couple of cookouts every year for
three or four neighbors and their kids. This is the first time in my life
that I haven’t worked and I can’t believe all the things the government
wants to push on you to take. I guess I could look at it as a retirement
benefit. Anyway I living the dream.

inkey2 says:

I WAS ON OBAMA CARE for 4 months. The major flaw with Obama Care is that it
is not administered the same way in each state thus the huge cost
differences from state to state. About half the states in the USA it’s run
by the federal govt, 1/4 of the states it’s run by the state and the other
quarter is run joint by state and fed. The states that are run by the state
( like my state; Massachusetts) is where you get really screwed because the
states can set their own “income threshold” and decide if you get it for a
low rate or you get reamed. My wife and I payed over $1100 a month. That’s
over $13,000 if you have it a year. Is that affordable health care???

Tashanna Mss says:

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Annuity Think Tank says:
Jodi Vail says:

It’s a no win situation…

Richard Jacox says:

My sister got her coverage for $1.61 per months (she does not make much in
salary). She has a $500 deductible and $25 copay, $17 for meds. Thank you
ACA (Obamacare)!

Retirement Think Tank says:
PatroniMeiSancti says:

Oh no. IRS has a new target.

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