Some Advice From A 55 year insurance claim adjuster!

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An insurance claim of any kind can be a daunting task- and a roofing claim even more so! This video contains some sound advice from a gentleman who worked as an adjuster for 55 years!
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William Wynn says:

Not one comment ? I knew a guy who worked for a big well known company
that sell’s all kinds of building materials. A few years back there were
some bad storms that roared through this area. Well a lot of people had
roof damage. And had to have the whole roof redone. Well he told me in
order for this type of work to be done right it had to have 2 layers of HD
tar paper on the roof before the shingles went on. Just telling you what he
told me. I have no idea. Other wise the insurance would not honor the
warranty. At any rate most of the contractors used a cheaper grade tar
paper and only used one layer. I do not think the average person would know
this. I know of one family who had there’s done. Less than 5 yrs later
some of these home’s are in worse shape now than they were in before it was

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