Understanding Your Home Insurance Policy

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John Kaz, a local home & auto insurance provider with MetLife, offers solid advice about how to understand and read your home owner’s insurance policy. John is based out of Edina, Minnesota and has over 28+ years of experience in the insurance businesses. John discusses the importance of knowing the purpose of ‘declarations,’ ‘riders,’ ‘addenduma,’ and other important policy details. If you have any insurance questions or would like a second opinion with your current insurance coverage, call John Kaz with MetLife direct at 952.897.0783 or email him at jkaz@metlife.com.

Our host is David Olson a Remax Realtor based in Eden Prairie. If you have any real estate questions or needs call him direct at 952.314.9446 or visit his website at www.TwinCitiesPropertyFinder.com

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