GTA Online Western Daemon Location & Insurance Guide

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This is just a quick video on how to get the western daemon on GTA V online

a thumbs up, subscribe and a share would be greatly appreciated

1. Go to one of the locations shown
2. Get the bike
3. Go to a job in the City
4. Park the bike near the hotspot and open the job as the host
5. Dont start it, just back out.
6. Go to LS customs and Insure the Bike
7. Your all done, Now enjoy


robin scott says:

does it work on ps3 

TiTanAEfull says:

works, youre the best!

Jake Arrowsmith says:

Thanks man real help full

Hobojoe oneotwo says:

Thanks, it does work on PS3 

Austin Murphy says:

I went to location nth popped up not even a gang hideout could you help me
I’m on 360 and gt is FBI Like A Boss

charlie cutmore says:

Dude thanks I thought we would have to wait until a patch or heists 

Tom Mace says:

Does this still work

Asko Helminen says:

BIG THX, I got finally now one on my garage and incurance it.!! 

DrJonathanMM says:

I did the same exact steps that you did, but it won’t work for me

FlyingHigh23 says:


undead rex says:


robin scott says:

i found the bike, hosted a misson then back out and the bike disapeared ?

AzBo Gaming says:

GTA Online Western Daemon Location & Insurance Guide.
a thumbs up, subscribe and a share would be greatly appreciated

mrfix fix says:

does this still work plz say yes


working like suscribe.

Tanner Green says:

Looked for a few hours couldnt find then i saw your video.. thanks man!
Youre the shizz keep it up

Chillinhawk says:

I did everything you said and it didn’t work. 

albert cruz says:

I worked perfect thanks

gjk-2015 says:

Didn’t work. Could it be that I have my personal vehicle out?

EDIT- That was exactly the problem.

gurre136 says:

i did everything but i cant buy insurance

MutR says:

this gang war doesnt spawn for me

Raphael Raph says:

tks it works :)

Wesley Sloggett says:

Thank you very much I have been looking for this bike for a while I now
have it thanks to you

ben sharkboy says:

Thanks loads i finally got mine after a few tries 

1PieceAcake says:

This worked 1st time 4 me thanks man 

lincoln h says:

Dose it still work

David Frias says:

Thank you

Thiago5458 says:

It worked, thanks!

MrZambrano101 says:

I CAN CONFIRM THAT IT STILL WORKS!!! Just do exactly what he does in the
video, at you will get it! Thanks AzBo GamiNg, Liked and Subbed

Noah Monnig says:

I can’t find the gangs

Ryan Mitchell says:

cheers m8 

Bmxmtbjumpers says:

Doesn’t work on ps4

bryan tinoco says:

Does this still work?? 

SaintMarneusCalgar says:

It dont work for me but after i tryd that i found one on the street :D im
happppy but i cant find the stupid bagger

Zero_Thenik Gaming says:

didnt work for me, i brought it there, did everything spawned right where i
left it, thought it was just nothing, and it had no insurance thing…

catsthat smokeweed says:

I had this bike not knowing it was as rare as it is and sold it :( thanks
for this guide.

damoshuffler17 says:

Cheers man, this was helpful as!

carzakone333 says:

Thanks so much! your mic is not loud enough but i just gave you a like, I
have got the bike! for those who cant see the gang, wait around the area
till 04:00 GTA time.

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