The Beginners’ Guide to Vision Insurance

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DISCLAIMER: This voiceshow’s content is based directly off my knowledge of VSP—vision service plan—which is one big provider of vision insurance, and this knowledge is something I’ve accumulated by working in an ophthalmology clinic and just by being around it all the time. A quick look at my other videos, or maybe just a quick listen to my voice, will suggest that I’m a teenager. I am, and before I worked there for eighteen months, I was like most teenagers and knew pretty much nothing about insurance. The point of this voiceshow is to provide a laconic but comprehensive explanation of vision insurance, in a way that will be easy to follow along and understand. Because I came into this whole eyewear thing with no prior knowledge to healthcare and the medical field in general, I don’t know what the average person already knows about insurance, or what the average person does not know—this is a compilation of things I’ve learned, and I hope that it will be informative. Note again that this information holds true for VSP, and any generalizations I make should be taken with a grain of salt. Another personal disclaimer—I do not have my own vision insurance. I’m under my parents’ plans, and even then, all the costs that went into vision or eye health were rendered null by my employment, so I’m not going to talk about how your plans and stuff are handled through your job.

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