All Up In Yo’ Business: LLC or Liability Insurance

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Rapid000 TF2 says:

I found this both pleasant and helpful 

B&M Lawn Care says:

I wanted to see your vids vs my lawyers terms. Dead on and I would rather
my lawyer speak to me like this lol

goldtopsrock says:

Thank you, great vid!

Nanofuture87 says:

Say you wanted to be a partner / major shareholder in several businesses
that have limited liability (e.g. limited partnerships, LLCs,
corporations). Would there be any benefit in getting an “extra layer” of
liability protection (either insurance or forming a LLC holding company) or
would it just be extra paperwork and fees for nothing?

Small Lawnz says:

Thanks Aiden that was awesome. A first, a video aimed at me. I will be
doing research on a LLC for me.

Supreme Services says:

Man ur hot !

Street Glide69 says:

Hi Aiden, I am thinking about starting a small business selling screen
printed T- Shirts, Home Business, since I am retired. Thinking of starting
out Sole Proprietor or going LLC. Seems like nothing is easy these days and
everyone wants to sue you for something. I not sure if selling these shirts
there is high liability. It is hard to find a straightt answer on whats the
best way to begin. I am retired Law Enforcement and been sued a view times,
even though I done nothing wrong. You having any suggestions? Is this
industry a high risk for getting sued?
Thank you, Mike

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