Consumer Guide to Buying Life Insurance

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Click here for the 2014 Consumer Guide to Buying Life Insurance

According to the LIMRA Canadian Life Insurance Ownership Study, almost half of Canadian households admit they would have trouble meeting everyday living expenses or would only be able to cover expenses for a few months if a primary wage earner died. This is where insurance comes in. But the same LIMRA Canadian Life Insurance Ownership Study shows that only 38 per cent own individual life coverage. Blame unemployment, confusing products, reports of denied claims and high commissions among the declining ranks of dedicated agents. If you have dependents, a mortgages, college tuition or other bills that will require a back-up plan if you are no longer around to cover them. You need Life Insurance and this is where the new ‘Ideal Assurance Portfolio’ comes in for adult Canadians under the age of 45.

For more information on our Ideal Assurance Portfolio click here

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