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Life Insurance Advice

Alim Charania is joined by Shawna Nordick from Investors Group to discuss the many different life insurance options the Calgary community has to choose from.

When you go to get a mortgage you will be presented with the option to purchase creditor insurance at your bank, which is a form of short term, term insurance. The better way to have insurance is to meet with a licensed, trained agent. These professionals have a lot more options for you from many different companies, and make sure you have a level premium with a level payout. This insurance contract is not attached to your mortgage, is not able to be cancelled by the company, and have fixed riders you’ve selected. The policy also has more flexibility so if you lose your job or change jobs, through no fault of your own, or go on maternity leave, you will not be affected by changes in the contract. The best advice is to take the time to ask questions and explore all of your options.

Feel free to contact Shawna at any time for your complimentary review. You may also contact AC Lending Group online for more info or help with mortgages, leases, small business loans, insurance and more!



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Insurance Advice w/ AC Lending Group YYC Chatting about Life Insurance.
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I welcome your questions or concerns at any time 7 days a week.
We look forward to working with you to ensure your needs are met!
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