Baltimore Homeowners Insurance I Tips to Lower Your Policy

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Maryland Homeowners Insurance

You’ve worked hard to buy your house and make it a home. It’s surely one of your cherished possessions — where you and your family share events and memories that will last a lifetime. And it’s one of your most important assets, so it’s critical that you make sure you have the right insurance coverage to protect your investment. At Advantage Insurance Group, we can help ensure you have the coverage needed to protect you, your family, and your home in addition to meeting your budgetary needs.

The following are some of the key components to a comprehensive homeowners plan that we’ll look at before suggesting any recommendations:

Homeowners Replacement Cost Value

Be sure you can rebuild your home in the event of a loss, such as a fire, with the same materials and to the same standards that were used when your house was originally built. You can do this with extended replacement cost coverage added to your policy.

Replacement Cost on Your Personal Property Coverage

Throughout the years, you’ve purchased furniture, upgraded appliances and have other personal property worth a considerable amount. You can add replacement cost coverage on your personal property to cover your belongings for their current value should you have a loss that is covered under the policy. That means there will be no deduction for depreciation that may have occurred. We also recommend that your personal property coverage be written on an all-risk basis. Additionally, if you have expensive valuables, such as jewelry, collectibles or fine art, you should itemize them separately with coverage amounts for each so that you obtain what they’re worth should a loss occur. Homeowners policies typically limit the amount of coverage on valuables.

Personal Liability

Depending on your assets and your individual exposure, we’ll help you determine the amount of personal liability coverage that should be included in your policy.

Special Coverages

Your property may include fences, pools, outbuildings, etc. that pose additional risk and are covered only minimally by a standard homeowners policy. At Advantage, we’ll review whether your policy covers you adequately.

Let us evaluate your policy and provide you with a proposal that works for you.

We look forward to putting the best possible policy for you at the most competitive price we can find. We have long-term relationships with several of the most respected insurance companies in the country. Once we have your information and the features you want to be included, we can start putting together the right solution for you.
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