Firearms Product Liability Insurance | Gun Manufacturers, Retailers and Firearm Business Coverage

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- General Liability Highlights
– Personal and Advertising Injury Liability
– ATF Proceedings Endorsement
– Products and Completed Operations
– First Dollar Deductibles Self-insured Retentions
– Professional Liability Endorsement a must for manufacturers
– Limited Product Withdrawal Expense Endorsement
– Property Damage Extension Cover Gunsmith Endorsement

Business Insurance Policies:
– Firearms Retailers/Dealers
– Firearms Wholesalers and Distributors
– Firearms Manufacturing
– Ammunition, Bullet and Cartridge Manufacturing
– Gunsmith Operations
– Indoor & Outdoor Ranges
– Manufacturing and Imports
– Sporting Good Manufacturing — Bow & Arrow
– Optical Goods Manufacturing – Scopes, Light Filters
– Hunting/Shooting Clubs and Associations

We would love to help you with coverage and offer you the most competitive quotes in the industry.

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