Lesson 13: Insurance 3: Health Insurance, Insurance 4: Auto, Home & Liability Insurance

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This lesson is based off Chapters 13 and 14 of the text for Finance 418. Professor Bryan Sudweeks of Brigham Young University teaches this lesson.

All lesson materials are available online at: http://personalfinance.byu.edu/content/health-long-term-care-and-disability-insurance-1

Objectives for Chapter 13:
1.  Understand how health insurance relates to your personal financial plan
2.  Understand basic health insurance coverage and provisions
3.  Understand how to control health care costs
Objectives for Chapter 14:
1.  Understand how homeowners, liability, and auto insurance fit into your personal financial plan
2.  Understand the key areas of Auto Insurance
3.  Understand the key areas of Homeowners Insurance
4.  Understand the key areas of Liability Insurance


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