Ohio Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Conduct That Gives Rise To Liability In Ohio

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http://www.ChesterLaw.com Ohio Personal Injury Lawyer explains the different types of conduct that gives rise to liability in Ohio.

If someone is negligent and hurts you it is called a negligent tort. The party at fault did not intent to hurt you but they were careless which caused you to be hurt.

Reckless behavior is worse than negligent behavior. This means the party at fault decided to ignore a more obvious risk and decided to drive anyway. Typical example of this is if someone decides to drink and drive and harms someone. Juries usually pay more when they know the party at fault was reckless. It is the job of the Ohio personal injury lawyer to point out to the insurance adjuster or the jury that the party at fault was reckless.

Intentionally caused injuries is the 3rd type of conduct that gives rise to liability. Examples of these are assault, rape, battery or murder etc. Ohio law punishes these action both criminally with jail time and civilly with money damages by allowing for punitive damages.

In Ohio it should by noted that most auto insurance policies do not cover intentional conduct so be careful before you claim someone intended to hurt you as you could be talking yourself out of a settlement with the insurance company.

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