Personal Liability Guarantee — 60 Second Business Tip

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Personal Liability Guarantee

All corporations active with us automatically receive the Personal Liability Guarantee. This guarantee provides $100,000 worth of relief if your corporation or LLC has its veil pierced and its owners, directors, officers, managers or members of the company are being held personally liable for the debts.

The guarantee is not insurance, and is limited to up to $100,000 reimbursement of reasonable legal defense expenses. However, the guarantee is subject to the company having followed our step-by-step checklist, as provided in the Terms and Conditions of the Personal Liability Guarantee. To maintain your Corporation or LLC’s eligibility for the Personal Liability Guarantee, we need to conduct a compliance check on your entity.

Every business owner needs to pay special attention to record keeping and corporate procedures in order to protect the corporate veil. We can help you maintain an impenetrable corporate veil for your company. In the event of a lawsuit that targets your personal assets, our Personal Liability Guarantee will provide you the peace of mind you need and your family deserves.

To schedule your Personal Liability Guarantee compliance check, please contact a Nevada Corporate Headquarters specialist by calling 1-800-508-1729


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