RICHARD TURBIN Personal Injury Attorney Honolulu Podcast Episode #31 Legal Advice in Paradise

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Ambulance Chasers.

That’s what I’ve heard people label attorneys who “hunt people down” if they’ve been injured. Well…listen up. If you are ever injured and it’s someone else’s fault (and we hope you never find yourself in that situation)…you better get yourself a good lawyer. Either that…or be out of work and then try to live on little or no income.

I’ve learned a lot (as I do with all the awesome Guests I interview) from Personal Injury Attorney, Richard Turbin. The motto of this show is…”It’s not a matter of IF…but WHEN you will need legal guidance!” and the reality is that NO ONE plans on getting injured. No one. Period.

Listen in as we discuss the general points of what constitutes a personal injury claim. And…a little history lesson or two.

* Definition of a Personal Injury
* Insurance and the huge role it plays if a claim is made
* The Importance of Specific Facts
* Mr. Turbin’s procedure for intake of a potential client
* Description of the Contingency Fee System
* The importance of going to a Doctor Specializing in specific injuries
* Liability Issue, Damages Issue & Causation Issue
* Settlement Package & the attached Settlement 20-30 page Demand Letter
* Bad Faith Settlement Practices Act as it relates to Insurance Companies
* Approximate time it takes to arrive at a Settlement
* If a claim goes into litigation

Richard Turbin
737 Bishop St., Suite 2730
Pacific Guardian Mauka Tower
Honolulu, HI 96813

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