Scottsdale Gym Liability Insurance With Smart Move

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My name is Jessie Mackie and I’m with Smart Move Insurance in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Smart Move Insurance offers many different coverages for your gym, whether you’re a full service facility or a personal trainer, we offer you general liability insurance, professional liability insurance and anything you would need in between. We offer coverages for general liability and professional liability starting at one million, and it can be increased from there. You also have the ability to offer commercial umbrella policy, which would overlap those policies for additional coverages, and that can go up to about $10 million of coverage.

Our phone number is 480-397-9525 or you can visit us online at

Smart Move Insurance
8111 E Indian Bend Rd Ste 2
Scottsdale, AZ 85250
Office: 480-397-9525

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