Staffing Firm Cyber Liability Insurance

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The staffing industry by mature stores and processes personal information on individuals, much of which is either private or confidential. Staffing firms only have to look no further than the large scale data breaches of Sony, Target, and some of the nation’s largest financial institutions to appreciate the severity of a large scale data breach and the ramifications a affected businesses will face. Entrusted with clients and worker’s personal details, the staffing industry may find themselves increasingly being asked about their data storage processes and security measures by clients.

While many clients and staffing firms believe that private information is stored securely, there is still the possibility that this information can be accessed without permission. Even when businesses have multiple security measures in place to protect digital data, breaches continue to occur, threatening confidence and trust in an operation. As such, the staffing industry has seen increased pressure to not only develop strong data storage protocol but find thorough solutions to protect not only their own private data but clients and workers as well.

Sensitive data doesn’t necessarily mean just social security numbers, bank account information and other identity information, it also regularly includes sensitive data such as address details, tax information, medical and pay rates. This data is not only stored, it often needs to be transmitted among different systems including to and from clients and businesses. Staffing firms need a robust and reliable data management service that is flexible enough to adapt to their clients’ changing needs, while satisfying legislative and best data protection practice requirements. However, even the best cyber security practices can not fully prevent a security breach or data leak. As such, cyber liability insurance is a vital to protect staffing firms and their clients.

At World Wide Specialty Programs we understand the unique and unpredictable nature of the staffing industry. That’s why we specialize in ensuring that staffing industry members attain the coverage they need to succeed. We proudly offer a comprehensive portfolio of staffing industry insurance solutions to help brokers secure everything from EPL to professional liability coverage for their clients. Our Staffing Firm Cyber Liability coverage is designed to provide protection from the costly aftermath of a wide variety of cyber security hazards.Give our staffing insurance specialists a call today at (877) 256-0468 to learn more about all our staffing agency solutions.


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