Dental Professional Liability Insurance

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Like any other medical professional, your dental clients face an enormous amount of liability when they are treating a patient. Even the slightest mistake, or even a perceived mistake, could result in your client facing a large medical malpractice lawsuit. Also known as Dental Professional Liability Insurance, medical malpractice insurance helps protect your clients financially against any claims made. While being aware of the instances that could lead to a Dental professional liability claim won’t necessarily help your client completely avoid a suit, it could help reduce their risks. Below are some instances that could lead to a dentist being targeted in a malpractice suit.

-Errors in treatment.
This is one of the most common types of dental professional liability lawsuits. An example of a dental treatment error could be putting dental implants in a person who isn’t healthy enough or doesn’t have the proper bone structure to accept them. This could leave the patient with no implants and a huge medical bill, so they could come after your dental client for those damages.

-Not using proper techniques.
This type of error generally results from dentists who are not trained properly. Improper technique can lead to a painful injury and dental damage that may end up costing a patient money.

-Failure to follow up with treatment.
If a procedure is complete, dentists should always schedule a follow up appointment. This allows them to know the status of their patient, if they need further treatment, and also help them build a good relationship with their patient.

These are just a few of the errors that can lead to a dental professional liability lawsuit. Your dental clients should also be aware that they face greater risks when they take on problem patients (those with a lot of complaints or unresolved dental issues), and also when they don’t refer patients to a specialist if necessary.

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