Home Inspections and Professional Liability Insurance Webinar | AHIT | FREA

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Presented by Brian Trotier of Foundation of Real Estate Associates (FREA), in partnership with American Home Inspectors Training (AHIT) – June 19, 2014.

Topics for Discussion:

- What does professional liability (aka errors and omissions) insurance typically cover?
– How is E&O different from general liability (GL) insurance?
– What does GL typically cover?
– Do I need a separate policy if I offer radon, termite, or mold inspections?
– What are the highest liability areas for a home inspector?
– What is recommended coverage/limits/deductible?
– Can a multi-inspector firm have one company policy and cover all inspectors?
– How important is it to have a detailed inspection report?
– Should I take pictures of every area of the home and keep them for my records in case of a call back?
– What is a realtor indemnification clause? What about referring party coverage?
– What can I do to reduce my liability as a home inspector?
– Is it difficult for a new inspector to get E&O coverage?
– What does E&O cost?


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