How to Buy Auto Insurance – Part 2: Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

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When you collide with another driver or a pedestrian, and cause Injuries, you may be sued for their injuries. Bodily Injury Liability covers you for the monetary damages arising out of these injuries.

Items such as:

- Doctor and Hospital bills,
– Physical Therapy,
– Loss of income from the inability to work,
– Pain & Suffering from Permanent Injury or Disability and even
– Death

would be covered by Bodily Injury Coverage.

Do I need to carry Bodily Injury Liability Insurance?

Believe it or not, in Florida, you are not required to carry any Bodily Injury Liability and are only required to carry $10,000 of Property Damage Liability*. We highly recommend Bodily Injury liability on ALL POLICIES. There is nothing scarier than receiving an Attorney’s letter notifying that you are being sued for Bodily Injury Liability when you don’t carry any coverage and the Insurance Company is not there to help you.

How much Bodily Injury Liability Insurance should I carry?

As much as you can afford. The idea is to have enough Bodily Injury Liability in your Auto policy so the injured party is satisfied and won’t come after your personal assets.
The minimum limits for Bodily Injury Liability are $10,000 for each person, and $20,000 for each accident. Although many accidents can be covered for under $10,000, a bad accident can cost much more than that.

We recommend that you carry at least 100,000/300,000 limits, and 250/500 limits if you can afford it. This will cover most accidents and you won’t have to increase your coverage if you lease your car. If you have a lot of assets to protect, then you might consider buying a Personal Liability Umbrella for $1,000,000 of coveage or more.

Bodily Injury Liability Insurance; buy as much as you can afford of this very important coverage and, as always, if you have any questions, contact the independent agents at Cronin Insurance.

* Please note that in cases of DUI and accidents with no Bodily Injury insurance or if you are found to be driving with no insurance, the state may require you to carry Bodily Injury Liability for a certain amount of time- usually 2-3 years. These filings are called FR44 or SR22.


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